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My Gay Paris: Mister Gay World 2012 -Third place for the Mister Gay France

Remy Frejaville our national Mister Gay! At 30, this native of Carmaux (Tarn) came from Montpellier, 1m78, was the first French to participate in the competition. He said: “To finish third at Mr Gay World, this is huge for the first participation of France in the contest!”

Remy wants, especially since this is the first French participation carries a strong message, in a country far behind on these issues at European level.

It also also participate in the election of Mister Gay Europe 2012 to be held in August in Rome.

The winner is ….the candidat of the New Zealand!

Andreas Derleth, 32, 1.90m colossus born in Germany, becomes the Mister Gay World 2012. For one year, like the Miss France, it will be to represent publicly the competition by participating in public events, but he will also talk to LGBT causes worldwide.

My Gay Paris: Weekend, an amazing movie

A film by Andrew Haigh
With Tom Cullen, Chris New, Jonathan Race

Week-end is a movie about two guys who meet. The movie takes places in the London area, today.
Russel decides to go to a gay club. He eventually meets Glen and comes home with him.
During a weekend, they meet and share their life stories, because they feel lonely, and they are ready to open up to one another, without the filter of society, of the others.
In our opinion, Week-end is a movie which could be even qualified as the first gay movie, in the way that it depicts so accurately what being gay is about.

It is the story of what we experience as individuals and as a worldwide community, and beyond, it’s about how meeting someone, even for a week-end, can change our lives forever, because meeting another person can make you change the way you feel about the world, and about yourself.

This is a movie about our common quest: not only accepting ourselves as gay people, not only about make other people to accept it, but, even further, about accepting and rejecting love. Being gay is not simple, not only because we are a minority, and because the rights acquired over the past decades are never given. Everyone has a different opinion about our involvement in a relationship, in politics, in sex.

In a broader perspective, Week-end shows that being gay is not only a fight for ourselves or for us: it is about accepting oneself, as a person, as a human being, as an individual. The process of accepting ourselves can last forever, can last a whole life, and can be permanent, everyday. Meeting someone is opening up to a quest and a fight. It is about being ready to share someone’s life, and how this can, in return, change yours. This is all what Week-end is about.

To check out where it is playing, visit and search for “week-end”.

My Gay Paris: will the new Palais de Tokyo achieve its goals?

When you think contemporary art and Paris, you will probably think firstly of the Centre Pompidou. Now that the Palais de Tokyo has reopened, it is allegedly the most important center for contemporary art in Europe. They tripled its size. People where expecting this with enthusiasm: the queue to take part in the re-opening party was stretching for hundreds and hundreds of meters.

The installation of the artist Peter Buggenhout is right at the entrance, which is a giant sculpture entitled “the blind leading the blind”. The idea of this sculpture is that nobody knows where we come from and where we are heading to (except for death, which is quite certain for everyone).

We hope this image will not make you too depressed.

France was late in term of places to admire and produce contemporary art, in comparison with Germany and its Kunsthallen, and London. This new Palais de Tokyo is meant to put France back on track in that respect. Will it succeed? We cannot be sure of that. Indeed, in France, the notion of art and creation is perceived in a very different way than other places in the world. France has a tradition of official art supported with the help the state with subsidies. For example, in France, for each new building, at least 1% must be spent in ordering an artwork, such as a sculpture. If you go to see a movie, a certain amount of the price you pay, about 7%, will go to the national center of cinematography (CNC), which will in return put money in French cinema, even if you are going to see an American movie.

Creation and art should not be restricted to a few museums and art galleries, in the posh gentrified areas of modern capitals : it should be everywhere. That is even more true for Paris.

My Gay Paris: Freedj and CUD, the gay places to dance at night

You are maybe one of those people who live at night. You hate to wake up early, like many people. But when you are at night, when it’s 4 or 5am, and that you go to sleep at 6 or 7am, either alone or with someone new, that’s when you feel you are alive. You feel that way because, once or twice a week, you feel you can escape the daily routine, that reality where people in the streets are angry, where some storeseller don’t even care to say “hello”, even though you are a costumer, and that you were maybe ready to spend hundreds of euros for buying something.

If you are one of those people, there are many bars and clubs which open late at night in Paris, even during the week. We shall start with the ones we know the best, the ones which are located in the Marais. Maybe later, we could speak of other bars in different areas, not necessarily gay, if we find that they are gay-friendly enough.

The Freedj

The Freedj is located on 35 rue Saint-Croix de la Bretonnerie, in the very heart of gay Paris. Nevertheless, they claim to be “better the Marais”, which can sound weird, since they are in the Marais. What we assume that they meant, is that they differentiate themselves from other mainstream bars such as the Raidd, close by. What they probably mean, is that, there, you will be able to have real fun, not to be overwhelmed by cruising, and a sexual tension which can sometimes be heavy.
The name Freedj, in case you haven’t noticed (it took us a while to realize), can be pronounced “free-D.J.” or “fridge”. But don’t worry, it’s much hotter there than in a fridge. The place consists of a large bar on the 1st floor, in the back area there is a table football. Believe or not, in French, it’s called “baby-foot”. Be aware of not being too ridiculous when playing.
Downstairs, there is a dancefloor. The DJs play current pop music and remixes, with a disco touch on Sundays. There is a friendly atmosphere.
The entrance is free of charge. They open everyday from 5pm to 4am. The dancefloor opens at 11pm.
More info on

The CUD.

The CUD is basically the place where people crash, after they’ve been to all the other places and that they’re really drunk. It is located 12 rue des Haudriettes, just off rue des Archives, a block away from rue Rambuteau. The drinks are quite expensive, there is a dancefloor downstairs which is not that great, but maybe in your state, you will not even realize. If you are a smoker, there is a space to smoke next to the entrance. There is the best way to meet new people and talk, just ask for a cigarette or a lighter, and you will be able to start a conversation. If you don’t smoke, just pretend that you do. The CUD is open until 6am on weekdays, until 7am during the weekend.
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My Gay Paris: Lady Gaga comes in Paris for the “Born This Way Ball”

That’s it! The gay icon’s most famous moment came to Paris at the Stade de France on 22 September 2012. His new show from his latest album Born This Way is very awaited by fans in Paris. She will also be in Nice on October 4.

The last time that the star has come to Paris it was in December 2010 for its Monster Ball concert and shopping in the store Bruce Field.

Lady Gaga speaks a little French and confesses love “love words” in french! She also admits love the Marais, his favorite area in Paris, and declared that all his friends are gay!

Hurry up and book your accomodation in Paris.