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My Gay Paris: Roland Garros tournament began !

The shot is launched, the famous Roland Garros tournament began and ended on June 10. This fortnight of the yellow ball is eagerly awaited, especially because the biggest names in tennis take part. Roland Garros is in fact part of the Grand Chelem. A fabulous show in perspective, especially in the three main courts Suzanne Lenglen, 1 and Philippe Chatrier.

Nadal, Federer, other top seeds will evolve on the main courts, but the outside courts also host a number of smaller games. The training and junior matches are held here and it is also possible to attend for free. Children’s Day at Roland Garros will be held Saturday, May 26 This tradition dates back to 1977, and was originally named Benny Berthet. The champions of the tournament involved playing a meeting in a single round, to the delight of lovers of the sport. Funds raised during this opportunity will be for a good cause.

This year, the tournament hosts some French player.  The first player Gael Monfils forfeited and gave up after a knee injury. The second French at this tournament, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga said: “There is no chance that a French win Roland Garros. There is no inevitability in my comments. It’s just an observation. It is already not able to earn a Masters in 1000,  then a Grand Slam …”. The third French, Arnaud Clement, who is a gay icon too,  made ​​his last tournament.

In girls, Marion Bartoli is the only player on the French tournament.

My Gay Paris: Olivier Giroud, french footballer and a new gay icon

With ACDG :
For the first time in its history, the magazine Tetu next week will show a professional footballer in activity on its cover! This god of football is another Olivier Giroud, the top scorer in Ligue 1 (21 goals in 37 games).
Extremely relaxed before the lens of photographer Olivier Giroud is also vis-à-vis gays, and explains in the interview he granted to the magazine, it would be “delighted” if his actions could “participate to change the looks and attitudes. “
Olivier Giroud adds an open mind through a gay-friendly posture assumed that warmed my heart: “Between a homo and hetero, I make no difference,” he says in Tetu
He was voted the sexiest player in Ligue 1 in 2011 by users of Tetu and hit the headlines with the famous kiss given to Mathieu Debuchy during the match between Germany and France in March.

My Gay Paris: All dates of Gay Pride 2012 in France

This year as every year, several Gay Pride is organized in the cities of France. This maybe the last time that the  Gay Pride is organized with the prohibition of gay marriage. Indeed, the new President of the Republic, Francois Hollande, has announced plans to legalize gay marriage by spring 2013!

This year, the slogan is : “2012, Equality does not expect more” !

The first gay pride parade will take place this weekend in Angers on May 12.

The most gay friendly city of France after Paris, Montpellier will celebrate Gay Pride on June 2 while Bordeaux, the capital of french wine, will celebrate the event on June 9.

The Gay Pride de Lyon will be on June 16 while that of Paris on June 30.

For more information please visit the website the Gay Pride.

To come to party in Gay Paris, Gay Nice and Montpellier don’t hesitate to book your apartment in advance!

My Gay Paris: Francois Hollande elected, gay marriage and adoption in 2013 in France?

Yesterday, Francois Hollande was elected by french people.  Francois Hollande wins the presidential election with 51.67% of the votes in his favor. A step is taken to move towards equal rights, including gay marriage, already recognized in a dozen countries around the world. With its “Commitment 31″ on marriage and adoption for same-sex couples, Francois Hollande has clearly positioned itself in favor of equal rights for LGBT people.

Francois Hollande said to Tetu (the French gay magazine) that he will vote on gay marriage later than spring 2013. He adds with a smile: “Spring, it’s not a bad time to get married!”

Confirmation of the opening of gay marriage and gay parenting will be decisive with the parliamentary elections in June. If the majority will be socialist then the president will keep his promise.

Nicolas Sarkozy had been hostile to any further progress on LGBT rights. A little too much, according to officials of the UMP. So, last night, the national secretary of the party in charge of press and media, Xavier David Weiss, did he not wait long to put the defeat of the incumbent president’s account of his controversial adviser Patrick Buisson , destroyer of “communitarianism homo,” and his “refusal of any opening” on gay marriage.

My Gay Paris: Dalida, the 25 years since the death of a french gay icon

On the occasion of the twenty-five years of the death of the singer, My Gay Paris returns to the discography of one of the biggest gay icons French.

There are twenty-five years to the day, Dalida, whose real name is Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti, killed himself in his house in the heart of Montmartre. She leaves behind a discography marked by the success and diversity of styles which were adopted at different times. Her best known songs are her duo with Alain Delon “Paroles, Paroles” or “Laisser moi danser, (Monday, Tuesday)” that was a cover of an Italian song. She transformed the song into a disco song.

A private life punctuated of dramas

At 50 years, Dalida is convinced of bringing bad luck to the men in her life. Indeed, his father died when she 12 years and the four men who share his life commit suicide. Dalida become depressed repeatedly.

On the night of 2 to 3 May 1987, Dalida committed suicide in his house in Montmartre. In addition to her songs, she let her fans one word that sums up his unhappiness: “Forgive me, life is unbearable.” Dalida was buried in the Montmartre Cemetery, Paris, and a life-size statue of her was erected outside her tomb.

A tribute night to Dalida is provided for the evening “Follivores” May 5 at Bataclan in Paris.