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My Gay Paris : “Le resto d’en face” a delicious restaurant !

There’s only room for 24 diners in Sophie Imbert’s tiny—but delicious —restaurant.  Here at My Gay Paris, we’ve loved it every time we’ve paid a visit to rue Saint Sauveur in the heart of the Montorgueil neighbourhood.  Le Resto d’en face is an oasis with informality and coziness, and the warm welcome offered by the owner is reinforced by the delicate classical music playing in the background.

The food itself is just like the owner: authentic, generous and traditional.  You can see her working away in the kitchen from your table.  The menu changes three times a week, because as she says herself, she’s always admired ‘mothers who have to think of something new to eat every day.’


She’ll also be happy to tell you about the source of her ingredients, and we were pleasantly surprised to find out how passionate she is about using quality products.  Or rather, quality producers—she knows each of them personally and meets them regularly.  The majority of them are organic, and most come are locally-sourced close to Paris.  A selection of delicious wine is available at affordable prices.


Speaking of which, there can be no doubt that the prices are one of the most attractive things on offer.  Given the quality of the food, the set menus of around € 20 represent great value.

 We love this cute little restaurant which offers great value for money in a neighbourhood where the prices seem to keep rising.  We’re sure that the Resto d’en face is going to become our new regular!  One last piece of advice: if you’ve got room for dessert, try the ‘intense chocolate’, which is absolutely divine.

 Bon appétit !


Address:51, rue Saint Sauveur 75002 Paris – Tel : +33 (0)1 40 26 45 71

Metro: Sentier (line 3) or Etienne Marcel (line 4)

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Gay Paris : Men, Underwear and Their Personal Preferences

Men, unlike women, don’t have grandiose ideas about their underwear. Their simplistic rule is, “It must be comfortable.” Today’s man, however, also wants high quality, great fit and a recognizable brand reputation like marcuse underwear” or the popular Calvin Klein men’s underwear collection.

 Fabrics For Comfort, Fabrics For High Style

Top designers of men’s underwear like Marcuse and Calvin Klein are experts in the types of fabrics men prefer for their underwear. An expensive business suit is further enhanced when the man’s underwear fits perfectly and doesn’t bunch or bulk. For casual wear, men insist their underwear wears well for sports and spectator sports. This is why Marcuse men’s underwear is made from the highest quality fabrics for maximum comfort and wear.

 For The Man With Fun and Fantasy On His Mind

Most men will choose designer men’s underwear over all other brands. The reason is simple: designers know the proportionate cuts in underwear design men love best. Marcuse designer men’s underwear is available in brief or boxer and in the colors men choose most. This designer’s underwear for men is a true tribute to “freedom” in style, sizes and color.

 Give A Man A Gift Of Men’s Designer Underwear

For the man who is hard to please on a gift list, men’s underwear is always appreciated. Just be sure to assess his personal style preferences before you buy. Some men love their boxers, while others cannot possibly be swayed from their love of their briefs. The nice thing about men’s designer underwear is the certainty within each size. There’s no guesswork because men’s underwear are sized according to waist and leg measurements. In some instances, non-designer men’s underwear may fall into sizes in four or more generic categories like small, medium, large, extra large and XX-large sizes. Usually, waist sizes are indicated on the back label on the inside of the briefs. Give a man a gift of men’s designer underwear. No man ever has enough underwear.

 Men’s Designer Underwear 

Though men’s designer underwear cost slightly more, these high quality fabrics and designs wear longer, are easy to care for and actually, are more economical.

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My Gay Paris : Le Riad Sauna

September is almost over and here at Absolu Living, we’ve almost finished our tour of Paris’ gay saunas!

 The Riad is almost certainly one of the smallest gay saunas in Paris, but it’s also one of the most down-to-earth.  It was opened back in 2000 by three friends, and the interior is decorated using traditional oriental techniques.  There’s a strong emphasis on a warm welcome to ensure you have a relaxing time, with professional masseurs available to offer treatments including shia-tsu, essential oils and peels.

 On the ground floor, there’s a large TV room with leather armchairs, soft rugs and newspapers and magazines where guests can relax and discuss the day’s events.

 The sauna area itself uses only traditional Eastern tiles, with only a few tasteful additions.  The venue’s main selling point is a very enjoyable hammam finished with ceramic mosaic tiles.  It’s a perfect spot for relaxing, with the sweet smell of eucalyptus filling the air.


The whole place is spotless, with six showers (five warm and one cold) and a pool next to the hammam for cooling off.  The pool might be small, but the hammam is magnificent and very large.

 In the basement, there’s a very hot sauna, with room for no more than six visitors.  The rest of the area is given over to cabins.

 The customer base is very mixed, with all sorts of guys, but the number of visitors can also vary widely: sometimes the place feels empty, but at other times it can be impossible to get a space in the sauna.

 The staff are happy to help and offer a warm welcome.  They serve mint tea, the house speciality, which has to be tried with a few Moroccan pastries.

 The sauna is open from midday through to 1 am every day, and is one of the cheapest in the capital at 16 € for full price, 14 € after 9.30 pm and just 7 € for visitors under the age of 26!

 You won’t find any theme parties at the Riad, but Absolu Living definitely found enough to heartily recommend it to you!

 For more information:
 Riad Sauna, 184 rue des Pyrénées, 75020 Paris. Telephone: 01 47 97 25 52
Website :
 Metro: line 2 to “Alexandre Dumas” or line 3 to “Gambetta”.

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My Gay Paris: IDM Sauna PARIS

The weather is getting colder here in Paris, but that’s left us even more determined to complete our guide to gay saunas in the French capital.

 Today, we’re visiting the IDM sauna, which alongside Sun City, is one of the biggest in Paris.  Tucked away in a passage in the Grands Boulevards area, the complex occupies four floors.  There’s a jacuzzi and hammam in the basement, a gym and changing room on the ground floor and then a maze of forty cabins in the rest of the space.  From Thursday to Sunday, the entire venue is clothes-free, and the IDM is owned by the same people as the Key West, another Paris sauna.

 The person who let us in was both welcoming and discreet, which is particularly welcome for young guys who might be visiting a sauna for the first time.

And, it has to be said, IDM is very popular with younger guys.  Then again, we also found out that it’s pretty quiet after 11 pm every day of the week.  So you need to go early if you want to meet people!  If you do, you’ll find that the other customers are very open-minded and IDM is the venue for some of the capital’s hottest parties—especially when everybody gets naked!  If you don’t believe us, visit their website, which should give you a pretty clear idea.  There are plenty of backrooms with different accessories to encourage you to have fun.

In terms of the basic equipment, the sauna, Jacuzzi and hammam are all nice and warm and perfectly clean, but some of the showers were broken when we visited.  The décor is very nice and doesn’t follow the same eastern influences as so many Paris saunas.

In the sexier areas, lots of the IDM backrooms are themed, with erotic photos on the wall, military-style camouflage netting or graffiti for an underground feel.  Other spaces have slings, glory holes and huge beds.

 This is an expensive sauna: at €15, the entry for an under-26 costs as much as a full-price ticket at Sun City, while everybody else can expect to pay €21.  We’re not sure whether the high prices are justified, because although it’s big, it’s not as big as Sun City and doesn’t have a pool either.  They don’t offer sandals, either.  Last detail: the IDM is open every day from midday to 1 am.

 For more information:
IDM Sauna, 4 rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris.
Telephone: 01 45 23 10 03 – Website  :
Metro: line 8 or 9 to Grands Boulevards.

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