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My Gay Paris: Sneakers in Paris!

On the occasion of the sneakweek in Paris this week and the election tomorrow “mister sportswear France 2013″ My Gay Paris went to investigate gay fashion sneakers in Paris.

An association of sneakers in the capital!

My Gay Paris was surprised to discover that an association exists to unite this movement and community. Indeed, the French Association of Gay Sneakers, Socks and Sportswear was founded in 2006 in order to claim that part of the gay community and to organize meetings in France among sneakers. The aim is to make visible the movement and build a genuine French and European network.

We interviewed several fans of this practice who explained feel loved, lick sneakers during sex because it reminds them of their basic instincts that are exciting. There are, in addition to the dominant relationship among partners with a playful side. Practitioners of any age, although the majority between 27 and 40 years. Their common point is that they are often very athletic and love so sportswear (shorts, basketball etc …..). However, practitioners like to point out that if this practice can seem special reports are always consensual, protected with a good sense of fun and enjoyment.

Many dating sites are specialized to reach this community that likes tracksuits and sneakers! The most famous sites are and

The sneakweek: the annual event for the visibility of the movement.

Launched last year, the sneakweek was a success and the organizers decided to expand the event. A tour across France was held to find the best guys and sneakers at the time. Saturday evening, the public will elect the jury “Mister Sportswear France 2013″ after a parade and several tests to show that the suitor is a good sneaker. The election takes place at “Next”, a place of cruising. The “Freedj”, a more traditional gay bar also organizes an evening.

For more information, visit this weekend Freedj or Next! On the other hand, a pint of beer is offered to the first 100 customers!

You can find all the information and program here.

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