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Demonstration in Favour of Gay Marriage in Paris!

Several NGOs, including the main LGBT associations in Paris, have invited the gay community and their friends to join a demonstration in favour of gay marriage in France on Sunday 16 December.

My Gay Paris will be there to defend equal rights for everybody.

Although the current government is in favour of marriage and adoption for gay couples, several anti-marriage groups have organised demonstrations and have been making a lot of noise. Protests from Civitas and the Archbishop of Paris, André Vingt-Trois are often heavy with homophobic language.  Both the Catholic Church and the outgoing administration are also against gay marriage and have called for protests against the current proposals.

At the same time, dozens of high-profile supporters have come out in favour of gay marriage.  Gay icon and French singer Mylene Farmer was the latest to say that she’s in favour of equality for all, joining several fellow celebrities in signing an open letter published in French newspaper Le Monde.

Commercial organisations are also getting behind the protest, with American Apparel promising to give demonstrators free t-shirts.

Currently, surveys show that a majority of French people are in favour of the government’s proposals, but a growing hostility towards gay people has been recorded in a number of French towns.

The demonstration kicks off on December 16 at 2 pm at the Bastille.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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My Gay Paris: Alexandre Plokhov, a unique style

Today we focus on one brand of clothing which works for one of our clients. My Gay Paris likes this style. The new collection SPRING/SUMMER 2013 was recently presented.

Alexandre Plokhov is wearing all black, with oddly tailored pants, an off-kilter leather vest and a Danzig hooded sweatshirt. It is likely he is the weirdest dresser to own a cashmere Versace suit, given to him as a gift when he was menswear consultant at the Italian fashion house. Before Versace, he was one-half of the game-changing duo Cloak, creating, with Robert Geller, beautifully draped men’s clothing of soft leather and stiff denim until disbanding in 2007.

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My Gay Paris : Time for Mylene Farmer’s ninth studio album

She’s back!  Two years after her last album, the most famous ginger in France has just launched her new album ‘Monkey Me’.

 This weekend Mylene Farmer is going to be everywhere: the video for new song ‘À L’ombre’ (‘In The Shadows’) will be shown on France’s biggest channel, TF1, this Saturday in primetime!  It’s the first time that a French artist will enjoy such a high-profile showcase.  She has a big TV interview on Sunday, before the album itself goes on sale on Monday, giving fans a chance to buy 14 new tracks written by collaborator Laurent Boutonnat!

 The ‘Timeless 2013’ tour will start at Bercy with a residence from 7-18 September 2013, followed by a national and international tour.

Ticket prices go up to €140 and it’s set to be a show-stopping night!

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