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My Gay Paris had selected for you : Big plans to change the city of Paris – Part 1

Louis Vuitton Foundation

Fondation Louis Vuitton2

The Louis Vuitton Foundation building designed by architect Frank Gehry will house a space dedicated to creativity and contemporary art from the 20th and 21st centuries.

The unique, transparent design, which has won unanimous praise, takes the shape of a boat or a cloud, measuring roughly 40 x 150 metres of unstructured curves mostly clad in glass.


Fondation Louis Vuitton

Paris Philharmonic Orchesta

Philharmonie de Paris : vue depuis le périphér

In the heart of the parc de la Villette at the porte de Pantin, a new venue is currently under construction which will house the largest dedicated auditorium in France and become the permanent home of the Paris Philharmonic Orchestra.  The new building by Jean Nouvel seeks to breathe new life into the city’s 19th arrondissement and to allow it to compete with London and Berlin on the classical music scene–and is a major new piece of modern architecture to boot.

Philarmonie de Paris2

Refurbishment of Les Halles

Les Halles

With its pokey corridors and creaking infrastructure, the previous shopping centre at Les Halles certainly needed a makeover.  At the end of this year, work to build a new canopy over the space and renovate the metro station underneath the shopping centre will finally be complete in time for an opening in early 2014.  The canopy, named after the highest part of a forest, is a huge glass roof which seems to float over the new shopping centre, allowing natural light to filter into the redesigned spaces below.

Les Halles2

The Duo Towers

Tours Duo

Two new skyscrapers are the latest addition to plans for the city’s Left Bank, where Jean Nouvel is hoping to build them in between the train tracks running out of the gare d’Austerlitz, the river Sein and the ring road at the very edge of the city.  Very little is known about the project for the time being, except the basic design which features two sloping, asymmetrical glass towers.

Tours Duo2

The Triangle Tower

Tour Triangle

One of the most controversial projects to have been approved during the mandate of Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë, the Triangle Tower will reach a maximum height of 180 metres in the Parc des Expositions at the porte de Versaille.  Backers Unibail-Rondamco have proposed a budget of €500 million for the Tower alone, which will be the centrepiece of an entirely redesigned exhibition and conference area.  The 42-story skyscraper, which will be one of the first in France to meet strict new environmental standards, and will be surrounded by pedestrian walkways, while inside it will have an atrium, a hotel, retail space and two viewing platforms overlooking the city.

La tour Triangle de Herzog et De Meuron

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My Gay Paris propose you : The unusual in Paris

The capital offers many unfamiliar streets that adventurous and curious tourists will be happy to discover. Paris is full of secret streets, scattered to the four corners of the capital. Hidden in the corner of the boulevard or in an area which we do not suspect the hidden mysteries, often formerly inhabited by workers, they are a great testimony of history, and air away from the urban chaos a breath.

Rue des Thermophyles :


Probably one of the most beautiful hidden streets of Paris, perhaps because they probably do not expect to find here, in the heart of the (unknown, yet charming!) 14th arrondissement of Paris.


Cité Durmar :

Cité Durmard

Rue Oberkampf, better known by Parisians to be a “street of thirst”, hides many secrets.

Cité durmar

Villa Dietz-Monnin :


The 16th district has not the reputation of being the most bourgeois of Paris for nothing. South of the district, in the village of Auteuil, you will find many villas, private alleys filled with elegant cottages.

16eme-Villa Dietz-Monnin

Cité Pilleux :

Cité Pilleux2

Avenue de Saint-Ouen, the fork. Places a priori where the uninitiated visitor does not venture. And yet!

Cité Pilleux

Rue Crémieux :


A secret if it street, though still Parisians themselves do not know. A few steps from the Gare de Lyon, the Cremieux Street is one of the most beautiful and unusual, streets of Paris.

rue Crémieux

Square des Peupliers :

In the district of poplar (13th arrondissement), a name which recalls the mass of poplars that grew along the river Bièvre before it will be covered during the Haussmann work lies a small private triangle-shaped track.

Square des Peupliers

Passage du chantier :

passage du chantier
Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, one of the oldest streets in Paris, was the dominant until the 20th of artisans and wood furniture district.

passage du chantier2

Villa Léandre :

At the heart of Montmartre, perpendicular to the Junot (the chic rue Montmartre) Avenue, Villa Leandre is a beautiful haven.


Square des Montsouris :

Square Montsouris 05
At the Parc Montsouris, the Square Montsouris is a small winding street lined with houses on which grow Wisteria and Ivy.


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My Gay Paris advise you : LIDO the finest show ever in Paris.


Located in the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the most beautiful and luxurious avenue in the world! Since 1946, the most talented dancers in France are performing every night in a thrilling and breathtaking show.


Beautiful girls wearing astounding costumes and fit men from all around the world are dancing and singing for you on stage! You can even enjoy a pleasant French gastronomic dinner or only a glass of champagne with your boyfriend, friends or family while enjoying that exceptional evening!


2013 is a unique year for the Lido:


It is the 10 years anniversary of the review Bonheur (Happiness). The show is in the grand tradition of Parisian cabarets: more than 70 artists (dancers, singers, acrobats) on stage, 23 monumental sets including a real ice rink and almost 600 shiny and luxurious costumes created by the biggest names in haute couture. To celebrate, special features have been added to the show to make it even more exceptional and unique! Come and enjoy an unforgettable evening at the Lido, one of the two most well-know cabarets of Paris! To book your night or get more information about the show and the prices, please, visit the official website then select the language of your choice.


Pictures : Official lido’s facebook page

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My Gay Paris propose you : The ‘I Love You’ Wall

In some senses, the place des Abesses is the very heart of Montmartre, a neighbourhood where ordinary Parisians and tourists mix every day.


It’s perhaps no accident then that that’s where you can find the square Jehan Rictus, a tiny park, has been the home of ‘The ‘I Love You’ Wall’ since October 2008. Although at first it may have seemed perfectly ordinary, this artwork has over time become a monument to lovers from the world over.


And where else would you expect to find it than in Paris, the world’s most romantic city?

Made up of 612 ceramic tiles, you can read the words ‘I Love You’ 311 times in 250 languages. Brilliant flashes of red on the wall represent pieces of a broken heart that the wall is trying to put back together.


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My Gay Paris had coose for you : Europride in Marseille, we were there!


AbsoluLiving gave its promotional material a whole new look for Europride Marseille, where we handed out our new flyers at the closing party of this huge annual event. A diverse programme of cultural, campaigning and social events took place across the whole town, including in some of its most famous neighbourhoods like the Friche de la Belle de Mai or the Docks.



The EuroPride Park was dedicated to associations and NGOs, and took place at the Friche de la Belle de Mai from 11-19 July. Groups including French charity AIDES were there running a campaign aimed preventing HIV and other STIs. The group is Europe’s biggest Aids charity and its volunteers were hard at work, and over a hundred of them came to Marseille for what was one of the year’s biggest LGBT events.
The team covered the entire city, offering a listening ear, useful information and of course, prevention in iconic sights like the Prado beach, the terraces of the Vieux Ports and parties by the Docks. They were highly visible, adopting their usual policy that talking about sex also means talking about sexual health–and that it can be fun. Despite a quiet opening week, the volunteers remained enthusiastic and available throughout the whole event.


Anybody who was unsure about their own HIV status could talk to a specially-trained volunteer, who could perform a simple test using a drop of blood from their finger and provide the results within just a few minutes. Without abandoning a night of partying, Pride attendees could check their status and make sure to protect their partner(s). This is one of AIDES’ biggest objectives, whether in Marseille or anywhere else: making sure HIV- people stay negative, but also making sure that people who are HIV+ without realising it can get the right treatment.

Sea, sun and safe sex!


On Saturday 20 July, EuroPride 2013 held a free concert on Gaston Defferre beach after the European Pride March which had followed a six-kilometre route through the town. It was a great ending in a beautiful setting to ten days of great events marking the twentieth anniversary of EuroPride.

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