My Gay Paris: How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris

Valentine’s Day, or Saint-Valentin, is pretty popular in France.

When it comes to that subject, for gay people, there are many options :
– You are single. In that case, if you’re claiming to be opposed to Valentine’s Day, it could just mean you long for that someone special… On the other hand, there are other single guys who logically seek a partner, so that they can celebrate Valentine’s Day properly, among other benefits.
– You are not single but you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. In that respect, a significant proportion of gay people, both single and non-single, claim that Valentine’s Day is an heterosexual celebration, and that they shouldn’t be part of this.
– You are not single and you celebrate Valentine’s Day. That’s the most classical configuration. We all know that Valentine’s Day is used for commercial purposes. But then, in our capitalistic world, everything is, that’s the point! Should we refrain to spend Christmas with our relatives because it’s supposedly only to sustain our economy? It’s the same approach that you can take to enjoy Valentine’s Day, as a true celebration of love.
Basically, no one is really neutral when it comes to Valentine’s Day, because it is about the touchy subject of love.

So then, if you wish to do so, how should you celebrate Valentine’s Day in gay Paris?
If you look for someone, the easy option is just to walk around the Marais, to have a relaxed evening in the most popular bars. If you are not putting too much expectation on this, then something might come along.

If you are already with someone, going to a restaurant is what everyone does. Valentine’s Day is about doing what everyone does. So let’s enjoy one the restaurants we have recommended! Going to a classy hotel bar and enjoy a cocktail could also be a laid-back option, a tiny bit more original. Above, the bar of the Intercontinental Hotel.

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