My Gay Paris propose you : Where to run in Paris – Episode 1 — 14th of July.

If you come to Paris for a few days as a tourist and you feel like walking around the city is not enough… Well why don’t you join us and go to run with us on a Sunday morning? Here is how it went last Sunday…


Take Sunday the 14th for instance. Our national holiday, Bastille day. The Sun was so bright, this day so promising. Like always, we met on Place de la Bastille (perfect for the day), in front of the Opera at 11am. Some were late (don’t look at me) but already warm (aaaah!), some were on time (they have no life, that’s easy for them!).


The first kilometres took us to the right bank of the River. It is forbidden to car drivers on Sundays when the weather is nice (yeah it’s not every Sunday…) and everyone goes there to do roller skating, ride their bike / Vélib, lay down next to the River or … run (that’s us!). And when we run we are the kings of the road; it’s like no one can stop us, except maybe this old lady walking her dog that slows us down. “Com’on ladyyyyy – outta my way!! — oops she heard me”.

Usually on our schedule, we have a stop after 5km at the water fountain inside Les Jardins des Tuilleries, next to Le Louvre. These gardens are so beautiful and perfect for a 1 minute break. Sometimes we run around the gardens…Too bad on that morning, the park was closed for security reasons. On Bastille Day, the French army shows off. They have this big parade all along Les Champs Elysées down to Place de la Concorde. Too bad they would not let us in, motivated as we were.


As a sign of rebellion, and because it was already very warm, we decided to quit are sweaty t-shirts… and run like this. Tourists didn’t seem to be offended, far from that and the army guys… well they couldn’t say anything either. The back up solution was to cross one of the River bridges and go to the other side. The newly renovated left bank of the Seine River, the one that lacks a bit of charm but has plenty to offer — starting by water fountains. When running back to Le Louvres, army helicopters were flying over us, it was like in a war movie. While people were cueing to enter Le Louvre, we ran into the cavalrymen and their beautiful shiny horses parade.


To finish with, we ran the final 3km on Rivoli which was also closed to drivers and only available (only) for us, we got to Bastille and pushed a little further to “Promenade plantée”. Promenade plantée is our equivalent to the famous High-Line in New York. It’s the most beautiful way to finish our running session, among the luxurious vegetation. The sun heating up and we were feeling even better. So we meet again next Sunday?



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