My Gay Paris: Mister Gay World 2012 -Third place for the Mister Gay France

Remy Frejaville our national Mister Gay! At 30, this native of Carmaux (Tarn) came from Montpellier, 1m78, was the first French to participate in the competition. He said: “To finish third at Mr Gay World, this is huge for the first participation of France in the contest!”

Remy wants, especially since this is the first French participation carries a strong message, in a country far behind on these issues at European level.

It also also participate in the election of Mister Gay Europe 2012 to be held in August in Rome.

The winner is ….the candidat of the New Zealand!

Andreas Derleth, 32, 1.90m colossus born in Germany, becomes the Mister Gay World 2012. For one year, like the Miss France, it will be to represent publicly the competition by participating in public events, but he will also talk to LGBT causes worldwide.

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