My Gay Paris: Dalida, the 25 years since the death of a french gay icon

On the occasion of the twenty-five years of the death of the singer, My Gay Paris returns to the discography of one of the biggest gay icons French.

There are twenty-five years to the day, Dalida, whose real name is Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti, killed himself in his house in the heart of Montmartre. She leaves behind a discography marked by the success and diversity of styles which were adopted at different times. Her best known songs are her duo with Alain Delon “Paroles, Paroles” or “Laisser moi danser, (Monday, Tuesday)” that was a cover of an Italian song. She transformed the song into a disco song.

A private life punctuated of dramas

At 50 years, Dalida is convinced of bringing bad luck to the men in her life. Indeed, his father died when she 12 years and the four men who share his life commit suicide. Dalida become depressed repeatedly.

On the night of 2 to 3 May 1987, Dalida committed suicide in his house in Montmartre. In addition to her songs, she let her fans one word that sums up his unhappiness: “Forgive me, life is unbearable.” Dalida was buried in the Montmartre Cemetery, Paris, and a life-size statue of her was erected outside her tomb.

A tribute night to Dalida is provided for the evening “Follivores” May 5 at Bataclan in Paris.

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