My Gay Paris: Emmanuel Moire, a beautiful french singer became a gay icon with a role in a play “Cabaret” until the end of December in Paris

Emmanuel Moire is a French singer. He and his twin brother Nicolas were born in Le Mans on 16 June 1979. Emmanuel is an eclectic artist. He sings and plays the piano, with a hundred tunes to his credit.

At 21 years of age, Emmanuel was selected to take part in the 16th meeting of Astaffort, a training course for song writers and performers. Between 2004 and 2007, he portrayed Louis XIV in the successful musical Le Roi Soleil, whose cast included Christophe Maé and Merwan Rim.

Emmanuel Moire released his first solo album, titled Là Où Je Pars, on  November 2006. With British pop influences, the first album paid special attention to the melodies even more than the emotions. The piano, vocals and beautiful guitar segments led the listener to a place where love, sufferings and the small joys of the life all mixed. On his Facebook site, Emmanuel said his first album was, “about the universal topics which I wanted to treat in a personal way. The role of an artist, it is to invite people into his universe, to give all that he has in him so that each one finds his own story there.” “This album is the fruit of a lot of collaboration. I wanted it to represent me so that people could discover me, musically, there. ”

                 Emmanuel Moire :  Rien ni personne-2006

His second album, titled L’Équilibre was released in April 2009, and includes songs such as “Adulte et Sexy” and “Sans dire un mot” which have been made into music videos recently.
On 12 January 2009, Emmanuel’s twin brother Nicolas was run over by a car. Nicolas went into a deep coma. About two weeks later, on 28 January, Nicolas died. Moire came out as gay in the French LGBT magazine TÊTU in October 2009. In that interview he said, “I hope to live a normal discreet life. I am at peace with myself.” Since then, he has become a gay icon.

After having been fired from Warner Music, Emmanuel Moire continues his career. Currently, the young man play in the musical “Cabaret” until 30 December 2011 in Paris at the Theatre Marigny. Emmanuel Moire plays Emcee, the master of ceremony of the Kit Kat Club and says:  “I spent 3 intense days of casting. It relieved me to see they counted on me again ! I needed to change my universe & I’m ready to show an image, the opposite of what people knew. I have taken dancing & acting lessons.

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