My Gay Paris: Mylène Farmer, France’s biggest gay icon

Mylene farmer on stage

Mylene farmer is France’s superstar. Since the beginning of her career in the 80s, she became more and more successful and has developed a huge fan base, both in France and abroad. For instance, she is very popular in Russia, and she is not unknown in the UK and the US.

                   Mylène Farmer : California-1996

Mylene farmer by Elsa Trillat in 1988

She is considered to be mysterious and her songs have a very poetic feel, which is not very easy to understand for some people. She is influenced by poets such as Edgar Allan Poe. Her videoclips are masterpieces. Except for her last album Bleu Noir, which was composed by Moby she works with talented collaborator Laurent Boutonnat, her composer. Each of her albums and singles became hits in France.

                   Mylène Farmer : Désenchanté – 1991

Mylene farmer by Claude Gassin

She is one of the most successful French female artists of all time, she holds numerous sales records and the tickets for her (rare) tours are generally sold within a couple of minutes. Mylène Farmer was the first artist in France to design huge shows as the ones done by artists like Madonna.

Mylene on stage in 2009

                   Mylène Farmer : Avant que l’ombre Live – 2006

She is very reluctant to appear in the media, grants rarely interviews, and claims that everything she needs to say is contained in her songs.

Mylene farmer by Simon Hawk

 For some reason, French gay guys are an important part of her fan base and she is considered to be a gay icon. In the bars of gay Paris, you will certainly hear some Mylène songs, and a party is even named after her: love is Mylène.

Mylene and Jean Paul Gaultier for fashion week in 2011

This december, Mylene Farmer launches a best-of which has the most memorable single tracks of the past decade, as it is entitled “2001-2011″, as well as new exclusive tracks. But it is not #1 because of Adele’s current success. She is in the magazine Citizen K which publishes a photo-shoot. So if you want to know about being gay in France, you absolutely most know about Mylène Farmer and listen to her songs !

Mylene farmer in Citizen K in 2011

                   Mylène Farmer : Du temps – Best-of 2011

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