My Gay Paris: Olivier Giroud, french footballer and a new gay icon

With ACDG :
For the first time in its history, the magazine Tetu next week will show a professional footballer in activity on its cover! This god of football is another Olivier Giroud, the top scorer in Ligue 1 (21 goals in 37 games).
Extremely relaxed before the lens of photographer Olivier Giroud is also vis-à-vis gays, and explains in the interview he granted to the magazine, it would be “delighted” if his actions could “participate to change the looks and attitudes. “
Olivier Giroud adds an open mind through a gay-friendly posture assumed that warmed my heart: “Between a homo and hetero, I make no difference,” he says in Tetu
He was voted the sexiest player in Ligue 1 in 2011 by users of Tetu and hit the headlines with the famous kiss given to Mathieu Debuchy during the match between Germany and France in March.

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