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Some recommendations about the places we like in Paris

Animals are getting ready for Vincennes Zoo’s grand re-opening this Saturday!


They are now ready to welcome visitors…  Néro the lion, Aramis the jaguar and almost 1000 new neighbours will be expecting Parisian visitors this Saturday. It took 6 years to renovate the zoological park of Paris. A brand new zoo organized around 5 bio-zones that recreated the Patagonian, Sudanese, European, Amazonian, and Madagascan environments.  A 21st century park with animals’ well-being as major concern.


Before the re-opening, an acclimatization period was necessary.

Tropical birds are flying freely inside the huge glasshouse and the giraffes – the real Vincennes Zoo stars – made their own a playground space 3 times larger than before renovations. As if it was their first day in school, some of the animals just got in – they are a little shy. This acclimatization period is crucial for more than 50 seconds who are here to take care of the animals.  “When arriving, animals are first apart in a special zone, where they have enough time to get to know the space, identify places where to eat, to sleep. Little by little there is an expansion of their territory with always the ability to step back if they feel the need to.” is explaining the veterinary Dr Alexi Lécu.


Though temperatures in Paris for the beginning of April have been pretty low, the baboons from Guinea acclimatization process was pretty short and they are already enjoying their new land underneath the huge rock – having so much fun already.  Little turtles from Hermann also settled in very easily in their cozy and warm vivarium inside the rock.


In the following video in French, you will see the arrival of the animals at the zoo, followed by

For further information, opening hours and entry rates, visit:

Audrey Chauvet – Original article published in the paper version of 20 Minutes on April 9th, 2014

When spring has come, we say “merci”!

Our favourite Parisian design store is celebrating Spring time with a brand new decoration… Like Sun in March; It won’t be there for too long!

Photo2 Photo3 Photo4 Photo5 Photo6 Photo7 Photo8 Photo9

MERCI – 111 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris


Boco – ready-to-go Gourmet food in Paris (for now)

If you like fine French cuisine, you absolutely need to stop and try one of the 3 organic restaurants in the 1st (Opera); the 8th (Gare Saint Lazarre, this is where I always go; the waiter is friendly and very good looking) and the 14th arrondissement of Paris (Bercy Village). It is a revolutionary ready-to-go Gourmet food concept.BOCO - L'établissementA concept summed up in the name of the restaurant. [boco] in French is for these little jars in which our grand parents used to put their food to keep… that was it in the old days, before the microwave. Whether you take your food to go or you enjoy them in the restaurant, these nice little glass jars are at the center of the experience.  With an environmental concern, the restaurant even recommends you to keep the jars to plant seeds back at home or use them again as you please.BOCO - La bolo qui tueAbout these jars, our grand parents were right yet again as a jar is the enough quantity you need, very adapted to fine cuisine. You’re here not only to test, but mostly to taste and enjoy a great lunch.BOCO - Paris foodNow the little bocos wouldn’t be enough if they were not filled up with some of the most delicious cuisine cooked by some of the most famous French chefs. Let’s start by Vincent Ferniot himself; who created the restaurant wit his brother Simon. Mostly famous for taking part in French morning shows’ cooking bits. Also preparing nice recipes:  Anne-Sophie Pic (★★★), Régis Macon (★★★), Gilles Goujon (★★★), Jean Michel Lorain (★★★), Emmanuel Renaut  (★★★), Christophe Michalak (pastry chef at the 3-starred Plaza Athénée), Philippe Conticini & Frédéric Bau.BOCO - La bande à bocoThe menus are renewed with each season and each of these famous chefs develops a few new recipes for the restaurants. There’s always something new, something worth tasting and you can combine so many meals together. I usually go by the 15€ menu (a starter jar + main dish + desert). This price is very hard to beat for high quality French cuisine as you could only find in great restaurants for a much higher price.

BOCO - Salades crevettesI invite you to go check out “La carte” (in French of course) on the website by clicking here:

I’m sure that by only reading a few words you will feel like going! You may see they have a delivery service, take-away and a delicatessen that really adds up to the numerous assets of this genuine organic restaurant in Paris.

The 2 Ferniot brothers’ business is expending very quicly as you can now find Boco on board of the TGV with a special selection you can enjoy in the fast speed train while going across France. In spring, a Boco restaurant will also open at the Orly airport (as published recently with the following picture on their facebook page). It is a sign that more and more people come to try French “grande” cuisine and have come to enjoy every bit of it.BOCO - Orly

You will be able to say that you’ve been eating the best of the French cuisine in the most original presentation.  Thank you Boco for making it so easy.

Open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8.30 pm.

About €18 for a complete meal.

Xmas time, come and celebrate at Jours de Fête in Le Grand Palais

From Dec 20th till Jan 5, 2014

Christmas Days create a subtle interplay between popular culture and traditional culture. It is also an opportunity to discover and rediscover Le Grand Palais, a major place of Parisian culture!Jours de fête - Grand Palais 1Le Grand Palais is welcoming the 4th edition of ‘Jours de Fête’. In the sumptuous setting of Le Grand Palais, the indoor funfair is in full swing, a subtle and successful blend of popular art and classical culture. A big wheel 30m high gives visitors a close up view of the fully renovated glass roof as well as a stunning view across the whole of Paris.

Jours de fête - Grand Palais 2



There is unlimited access to no fewer than 50 attractions:

  • bumper cars,
  • rifle shooting galleries,
  • acrobats and wooden horses take visitors, and so much more brightly coloured attractions…


With the incomparable, delicious aroma of candy floss, doughnuts, churros and toffee apples to tempt you, you can indulge in these joyful sensations to your heart’s content!Jours de fête - Grand Palais 3With Christmas celebrations around the corner, Le Grand Palais is giving you the opportunity to go back to childhood for a moment. More than 200 000 visitors expected this year.

Full Rate = 15 € (10 € for children).

More practical information through the official website:

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Pixar, 25 Years of Animation exhibition now in Paris until March 2014.

  The Pixar, 25 Years of Animation invites itself now in the world’s first museum dedicated to the art of ‘Entertainment’.


The famous animation studio unveils its archives and original works of its artists. Popular, creative, and resolutely fascinating, this event immerses the amazed viewer at the heart of the creation process of works by the American animation studio that are, among others, the movies ‘Toy Story’, ‘A Bug’s Life’, ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘Ratatouille’, ‘Wall-E’ or ‘Up’ (image below).


From research drawings to sculptures that allowed the modelling of the animated heroes, and graphic studies of the characters, the creation of the sets and storyboards, these are almost 500 original works of the artists who are revealing the artistic production stages of full-length films produced by the dream factory Pixar.


In addition, the exhibition presents the funny and spectacular zoetrope of ‘Toy Story’ (presented below), a major technical achievement (based on basic animation principles before the invention of films) made up of 150 characters modelled in rotation in order to create the illusion of movement.

Even more immersive, the Artscape is finally proposing a captivating experience with a trip, using digital technology, in the heart of the conceptual art of Pixar movies.

The exhibition stays true to the studio’s spirit offering an entertaining visit for kids and adults who remain a child at heart.

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