My Gay Paris: Le Tango, a unique and friendly club

The Tango is not like any club. You will understand it as soon as you will enter the place. This place exists since the 50s; it wasn’t gay at the time, and it had the reputation of being dodgy. Now it has turned into a very special gay club. It consists of a dancefloor and a large area to sit and to have drinks. It has kept a feel of the old days, a lot of things have been basically left untouched. It definitely differs from modern clubs which might seem a little too ‘industrial’. The other name of Le Tango is La boîte à frissons, which literally means ‘the box of shivers’.

The interesting point of Le Tango is that before midnight, it only has traditional dances such as waltz, and, obviously, tango. It is very nice to see gay couples dancing to the old tunes. Then the music changes to hits of the 70s and the 80s. You won’t hear any techno music or house music there. At some point, everyone gathers to dance the madison dance. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed, the people who go there are very mixed, of every age, boys and girls, gay, lesbian, straight and transgendered. Le Tango hosts special tea dances for some occasions, to support an association or a cause. Le Tango is located in the northern part of Le Marais, so after a drink there, why not join this interesting crowd? You will also have a chance to meet the friendly owner of the place, Madame Hervé, who works very hard to keep the spirit of Le Tango alive.
Le Tango is located on 13 rue au Maire near the Arts et Métiers metro station. It is open from 10.30pm to 5am on Fridays and Saturdays, and from 6pm to 11pm on Sundays. Check out their website for more information about their programme.

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