My Gay Paris: November in Paris, a good choice

November in Paris? This might sound like an ackward proposition. Yes, you may want to see the gay Paris in the spring or the summer. But what about escaping the tourists’ crowds and have Paris all for yourself? It is said that the weather of Paris in November is not great. But in fact, November in Paris might be sunny and not so cold. The light is beautiful as the sun disappears, at around 5 or 6 pm.

And accommodation is cheaper than in the midst of Chrismas holidays. It will be almost like Christmas: by November the 15th, the shops will already have everything ready for the customers to begin their Christmas shopping. So there will be a small Christmas feel, without the Christmas frenzy which you might fight difficult to endure. Christmas lights will be there. And even if it’s raining, if you’re the type that enjoys museums, art fairs, art galleries or revival theatres, then November could be a good choice. It might also be easier to have contact with locals if you feel like chatting. It would definetely be better than August when Paris’ population is mostly composed of fellow tourists. In November, everyone is right there, fully in motion, earning money to pay for Christmas gifts, and you could be part of this activity by bringing your foreign touch to the busy Parisians.

In Paris, november is also associated with photography. Why? Because it is the “Mois de la photo” (month of photography). This has an official photography fair, ‘Paris photo‘, which will be held at the magnificent Grand Palais for 3 days, from Nov. 10th to Nov. the 13th. Paris photo will host 117 galleries from 23 countries, presenting the best of old and contemporary photography. Africa is, this year, a special guest.

Did you know that Paris has more cinema screens than any other city in the world, including NYC and LA? Paris’ revival theatres are incredible if you like old movies. They are mostly located in Paris’ Quartier Latin, on the left bank (5th and 6th arrondissements). Just buy Pariscope on a Wenesday and you will have a whole week of movies standing before you. The Cinémathèque Française also has an incredible list of movies. They currently have a exhibition about the Fritz Lang film ‘Metropolis’. They have a programme of sci-fi movies featuring futuristic cities running to accompany that exhibition. The Cinémathèque Française is in the Bercy area (12th arrondissement) which can be easily reached with fast-speed automatic metro line 14, or outdoor line 6.

In November, you will also be able to experience the famous Paris cafés and brasseries to be part of the first Parisian hobby: people watching. And you will also have a chance to taste the wonderful French baguette, in its own environment.

So you’ve probably understood that November in Paris could be a good choice!

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