My Gay Paris propose you : The ‘I Love You’ Wall

In some senses, the place des Abesses is the very heart of Montmartre, a neighbourhood where ordinary Parisians and tourists mix every day.


It’s perhaps no accident then that that’s where you can find the square Jehan Rictus, a tiny park, has been the home of ‘The ‘I Love You’ Wall’ since October 2008. Although at first it may have seemed perfectly ordinary, this artwork has over time become a monument to lovers from the world over.


And where else would you expect to find it than in Paris, the world’s most romantic city?

Made up of 612 ceramic tiles, you can read the words ‘I Love You’ 311 times in 250 languages. Brilliant flashes of red on the wall represent pieces of a broken heart that the wall is trying to put back together.


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