My Gay Paris propose you : The most unusual of Paris Metro stations:

Arts and Crafts: 11


This station is one of the most surprising of Paris. The dock is completely covered with copper plates riveted and windows are a journey in Jules Verne’s Nautilus.


Concorde: 12


Place de la Concorde is a Parisian landmark steeped in history. It is not by chance that you will find on the walls of the line 12, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.


Royal Louvre Palace 1 & 7

Palais Royal Louvre 2

This is the metro (Place Colette) that deserves special attention is made ​​up of gigantic glass beads that form a kiosk, work Othoniel.

Palais Royal Louvre

Bastille: 1

Docks line 1 are frescoed recalling great moments of revolutionary history.

Bastille 2

Passy – Bir Hakeim: 6

It is here, between 230m separating the two stations, the Paris Metro offers one of its most beautiful views of Paris. A majestic panorama through which you can see the Eiffel Tower and a lovely view over the Seine.


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