My Gay Paris propose you : The unusual in Paris

The capital offers many unfamiliar streets that adventurous and curious tourists will be happy to discover. Paris is full of secret streets, scattered to the four corners of the capital. Hidden in the corner of the boulevard or in an area which we do not suspect the hidden mysteries, often formerly inhabited by workers, they are a great testimony of history, and air away from the urban chaos a breath.

Rue des Thermophyles :


Probably one of the most beautiful hidden streets of Paris, perhaps because they probably do not expect to find here, in the heart of the (unknown, yet charming!) 14th arrondissement of Paris.


Cité Durmar :

Cité Durmard

Rue Oberkampf, better known by Parisians to be a “street of thirst”, hides many secrets.

Cité durmar

Villa Dietz-Monnin :


The 16th district has not the reputation of being the most bourgeois of Paris for nothing. South of the district, in the village of Auteuil, you will find many villas, private alleys filled with elegant cottages.

16eme-Villa Dietz-Monnin

Cité Pilleux :

Cité Pilleux2

Avenue de Saint-Ouen, the fork. Places a priori where the uninitiated visitor does not venture. And yet!

Cité Pilleux

Rue Crémieux :


A secret if it street, though still Parisians themselves do not know. A few steps from the Gare de Lyon, the Cremieux Street is one of the most beautiful and unusual, streets of Paris.

rue Crémieux

Square des Peupliers :

In the district of poplar (13th arrondissement), a name which recalls the mass of poplars that grew along the river Bièvre before it will be covered during the Haussmann work lies a small private triangle-shaped track.

Square des Peupliers

Passage du chantier :

passage du chantier
Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, one of the oldest streets in Paris, was the dominant until the 20th of artisans and wood furniture district.

passage du chantier2

Villa Léandre :

At the heart of Montmartre, perpendicular to the Junot (the chic rue Montmartre) Avenue, Villa Leandre is a beautiful haven.


Square des Montsouris :

Square Montsouris 05
At the Parc Montsouris, the Square Montsouris is a small winding street lined with houses on which grow Wisteria and Ivy.


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