My Gay Paris: Restaurant: Des Gars Dans La Cuisine

Our new favourite place to eat is ‘Des Gars dans la Cuisine’, a restaurant in the Marais that offers just that: boys in the kitchen. One boy in particular is key to the venue’s success: head chef, Gil Rosinha. Born in Portugal but raised here in Paris, he mixes elements from both cultures to produce a traditional French menu with a modern twist.

Recipe Book

As is seemingly inevitable with most hip restaurants and celebrity chefs, he’s recently published a collection of his own recipes. It’s not just hype, though: we’ve tried the food and it really is delicious. We’re not sure if we’ll manage to do as perfect a job as Rosinha and his team when we’re cooking at home though!

The second boy is the joint venture’s co-founder, Jean-Jacques Delaval, but you’ll also find plenty of boys both serving in the dining room and enjoying the yummy food. Hardly surprising given its location in the very heart of the Marais, the restaurant has quickly become a firm favourite the friendly gay crowd that frequent the nearby bars, and later on, clubs. It’s also open on Sunday for a popular brunch that lingers on until five o’clock, so there’s no rush if you’ve had a really hard night.


To the disappointment of many of the regulars (us included!), the boys closed down for the sumer to conduct extensive renovation work. It finally re-opened to rave reviews in the autumn with a fresh new look that’s in keeping with the traditional-meets-modern food on the menu.

WHAT: Des Gars dans la Cuisine Restaurant
WHERE: 72, rue Vieille du Temple — right in the heart of the Marais
WHEN: for lunch Monday-Saturday 12 noon—2:30 pm and dinner 8 pm to 11 pm (midnight Friday and Saturday) and for brunch 12 noon—5 pm

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