Pixar, 25 Years of Animation exhibition now in Paris until March 2014.

  The Pixar, 25 Years of Animation invites itself now in the world’s first museum dedicated to the art of ‘Entertainment’.


The famous animation studio unveils its archives and original works of its artists. Popular, creative, and resolutely fascinating, this event immerses the amazed viewer at the heart of the creation process of works by the American animation studio that are, among others, the movies ‘Toy Story’, ‘A Bug’s Life’, ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘Ratatouille’, ‘Wall-E’ or ‘Up’ (image below).


From research drawings to sculptures that allowed the modelling of the animated heroes, and graphic studies of the characters, the creation of the sets and storyboards, these are almost 500 original works of the artists who are revealing the artistic production stages of full-length films produced by the dream factory Pixar.


In addition, the exhibition presents the funny and spectacular zoetrope of ‘Toy Story’ (presented below), a major technical achievement (based on basic animation principles before the invention of films) made up of 150 characters modelled in rotation in order to create the illusion of movement.

Even more immersive, the Artscape is finally proposing a captivating experience with a trip, using digital technology, in the heart of the conceptual art of Pixar movies.

The exhibition stays true to the studio’s spirit offering an entertaining visit for kids and adults who remain a child at heart.

Source : www.visitparisregion.com

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