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The American runner Nick Symmonds stunned by publishing a forum a few days ago, in which he criticized the Russian law on “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” while asserting that to be silent is not Moscou.Ce who announced his surprise (we are still waiting for franç athletes speak), but the need to know that silence does not take the floor. Yet tonight, after winning the silver medal in the 800m in 1’43 “55, behind the Ethiopian Mohamed Ahman (1’43” 31), Nick Symmonds became the first athlete in the world Championships athletics in Moscow to speak on site in Russia.

“As far as I have the right to speak, I believe that all human beings deserve equal, regardless of how God has created,” he reportedly told the Russian news agency R-Sport .

“Whether you’re gay, straight, black, white, tou.te.s we deserve the same rights. If I can do anything to advance this cause, I will, except to make me stop. “

Nick Symmonds

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