My Gay Paris: Francois Hollande elected, gay marriage and adoption in 2013 in France?

Yesterday, Francois Hollande was elected by french people.  Francois Hollande wins the presidential election with 51.67% of the votes in his favor. A step is taken to move towards equal rights, including gay marriage, already recognized in a dozen countries around the world. With its “Commitment 31″ on marriage and adoption for same-sex couples, Francois Hollande has clearly positioned itself in favor of equal rights for LGBT people.

Francois Hollande said to Tetu (the French gay magazine) that he will vote on gay marriage later than spring 2013. He adds with a smile: “Spring, it’s not a bad time to get married!”

Confirmation of the opening of gay marriage and gay parenting will be decisive with the parliamentary elections in June. If the majority will be socialist then the president will keep his promise.

Nicolas Sarkozy had been hostile to any further progress on LGBT rights. A little too much, according to officials of the UMP. So, last night, the national secretary of the party in charge of press and media, Xavier David Weiss, did he not wait long to put the defeat of the incumbent president’s account of his controversial adviser Patrick Buisson , destroyer of “communitarianism homo,” and his “refusal of any opening” on gay marriage.

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