My Gay Paris: Jean-Paul Gaultier Invites Fans To Strut Their Stuff With New Fragrance Kokorico

Although he’s best-known as a fashion designer, the closest many of us will ever get to wearing anything by Jean-Paul Gaultier is splashing on one of his fragrances. First launched as a spin-off to his clothing business, Gaultier’s perfumes and aftershaves are now incredibly popular, and the arrival of a new men’s line caused something of stir in Paris this summer.

Le Mâle

One of his Gaultier’s earliest make fragrances, Le Mâle, has gained iconic status thanks to its bottle shaped like a well-defined male torso and a cheeky ad campaign featuring topless sailors.

Ad for Jean-Paul Gaultier perfume Le Mâle

Fifteen years on, a new perfume from Gaultier is big news. It was unveiled in Paris immediately after the designer’s latest runway show which featured the designer’s autumn/winter collection for next year.

Rooster’s Cry

The new scent, Kokorico, is named after the French word for the sound made a by a rooster, the local equivalent of Cock-a-doodle doo in English. That evocative name is designed to conjure up images of powerful young men strutting their stuff. Gaultier apparently asked parfumiers Olivier Cresp and Annick Menardo to distill the power of a rooster’s call into a scent.

The result is a fragrance that is very different from anything previously produced by Gaultier. With a top note of fig leaf, the main body of the scent is a mixture of natural cocoa extract and patchouli. Vetiver and cedar form the base notes.

Ad for Jean-Paul Gaultier perfume Kokorico

The rooster theme is also prominent in the ad campaign, which mixes arty black and white photos of model Jon Kortajarena seemingly writhing with pleasure while garnished with feathers and striking red text. Fans of Gaultier’s sexy packaging won’t be disappointed either: the bottle is cleverly designed to look like a male head in profile from one side and a torso from the other.


If you’re looking to get your hands on some, you might want to come to Paris—rumour has it that it won’t be available in the US until next year!

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