My Gay Paris: A debate surrounds a gay-friendly ad

Did the clothes retailer Eram expect such a buzz with its latest ad? Indeed, it created a real debate, especially online. What is this ad? Its motto is : “la famille, c’est sacré” (family is sacred). But the notion of family put forward by Eram is controversial: a girl taking of her two mums, or a boy speaking of her mum’s new – and young – boyfriend.
Naturally, the catholics were shocked by this pro-gay message. Many catholics blogs responded to Eram with scorn and disdain. They say that Eram’s ads represent a “degenerated propaganda”, “a way to impose that gay relationships are normal”, according to some main catholics blogs.
Eram probably knew that this campaign would draw a lot of attention, but the problem is that many comments are very negative. Many people say that they will not buy clothes at Eram anymore. On Eram’s Facebook page, some clients say that they will boycott Eram.
Eram responded by saying that, since gay marriage has been legalized in many countries, and more recently by the state of New York, the idea was to show families as they were never shown before in an advertisement campaign. Eram feels that the notion family has evolved with time, but that the spirit itself of a family remains alive, even with same-sex couples or divorced and remarried parents. The agency which launched the ad also puts forward that, even if many comments were negative, a lot of people also defended their choice and wrote on Facebook to support the campaign.
In any case, it’s not the first time that gays are shown as such in French ads. Other brands such as Nivea now commonly show gay men in their TV ads. But this time, it’s been taken to a whole new level.

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