My Gay Paris: A study about well-being for French gays

Is it nice to be gay in France? Do gay people feel good there, even outside of gay Paris? This is a good subject for a large, detailed study. And that’s what the gay website (well-being) has done. The results were published in the French newspaper France Soir last week. The aim of the study was to understand how the perceptions vary and evolved with time from one generation to another one.

In France, compared to the USA for instance, the notion of community is not so popular. It is also the case for gay people. But it is less the case for the older category of people that is for young people. For 20% of people less than 20yo, the very existence of a community is important, whereas it is the case for half of the people older than 60yo. The notion of the gay scene is also controversial. The interesting choice of the people who realized the survey is that they include gay websites in the gay scene. For half of the people surveyed, the aim of a gay scene is to meet new friends, but 70% people don’t enter the gay scene because they feel… too shy.

The survey then tried to see what’s the perfect boyfriend like. Self-esteem was also a notion which was questioned. It increases with time, but decreases after 60yo.

23% people considered by the study who were between 25yo and 30yo had partners, which is more than the overall population (16%). Young people tend to meet online and in gay clubs.

Lastly, the question of being faithful and the notion of closed or open relationship. Here, there is a very interesting gap. Young people tend to think that having sex outside of the couple threatens the existence of the relationship itself, but the study shows that older people (more than 40yo) who function with the open relationship type see that their relationship lasts longer.

Surveys are what they are, but we found that this one was particularly well-thought and the results show interesting perceptions.

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