My Gay Paris: Chéries-Chéris, the gay and lesbian film festival, is coming

A great time is coming for movie lovers, and among them the gay and lesbian ones! The Paris gay and lesbian film festival, Chéries-Chéris, will take place at the Forum des Images from October 7th to 11th. For its 17th edition, the festival will encompass both feature films and short films, documentaries, and oldies. The opening film of the festival is Bye Bye Blondie by well-known French filmmaker and writer Virginie Despentes, who previsouly directed the breathtaking and provocative Baise-moi, adapted from her own novel. There will be a few American movies, such as Bumblefuck, USA by Aaron Douglas Jonhston or Cricumstances by Maryam Keshavarz. Unfortunately, movies in French and in other languages than English will have only French subtitles. We will subsequently recommend that you make your own careful selection of English-speaking movies if you don’t speak French.

Gay and lesbian film festivals have largely developed all over the world in the past two decades, and along with OutFest of LA, Image&Nation of Montreal, NewFest of New York, or the gay and lesbian film festivals of Torino of London, Paris is fully part of this phenomenon with Chéries-Chéris. A sign of the growing importance of gay and lesbian topics in film is the development of specific awards for those films in mainstream film festivals, such as Berlin (Teddy award of the Berlinale) and, more recently, Cannes (Queer Palm). Chéries-Chéris was non-competitive until 2006, but it now has awards in different categories.

Paris is the city in the world which has the greatest numbers cinema screens (more than NYC), and France is the country which hosts the most prominent film festivals (Cannes, of course, but also, Clermond-Ferrand for short films and Annecy for animation films). So every time there’s an interesting movie and an amazing event such as Chéries-Chéris, we will push you to go see a movie, even once, because we think it’s a great way to experience the lifestyle of Paris!
The Forum des images is located right inside the mall and transportation center of Les Halles, which is right next to the Marais. So before or after having a drink, why not attend a movie premiere? We will keep you posted about the outcome of the festival.

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