My Gay Paris : Gay Games 2018


Since 1982 and first held in San Francisco, the Gay Games combine sporting events and cultural events and promote the visibility and integration of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender s.
Paris remains in competition with Limerick and London. The final decision will be made in four months.


The cosmopolitan city of Paris is looking to the future. The city is already highly involved in LGBT politics and wishes to strengthen its commitment by organizing an event on an international level.

At the geographic heart of the EU, Paris will revive its humanistic and cultural values by welcoming the Games – the aim of which is to promote a message founded on non-discrimination, equality and respect.


The Gay Games will bring together around 15 000 participants and will promote the basic values of Integration, Participation and Personal best.

The Games welcome all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, religion, nationality, ethnic origins, political convictions, physical, athletic or artistic ability, age or state of health.

No sporting standard is required, only the desire to support the objectives of the Games is essential.

The Gay Games offer up the opportunity to openly express oneself and experience friendships created through sport, culture and art, all of which come together under the reining atmosphere of tolerance.

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