My Gay Paris: Gay parties in Paris

Gay people love to party and Paris is starting to meet the needs of hungry party animals. There is a “gay soirée” for everyone and the question is which is the best.


The newest and biggest gay party in Paris is the Scream Club. What started out as a summer response to Barcelona’s gay summer tour was such a success that the organizers decided to convert this party into a Saturday night club. Scream Club found a formula that worked.

Gay clubbers can get a free pass either on the internet or in a local gay bar or sauna. The pass allows you to go in the club for free before 1:00 am. Most people arrive therefore before one and as you can imagine first come first served.

The Scream concept is three different ambiances to please everyone.

The main dance floor is for techno lovers, with gogo dancers and topless sexy gay men showing off their muscles. You can look and touch.

The second room is for those who prefer to lose their calories dancing to the latest Rihanna, Lady gaga, Beyonce and other commercial popular music.

The third room is where the temperature is at a maximum. A big room for cruising where pants are lowered, saliva is exchanged, some guys are on their knees and you might even see your boss. So be careful. A bowl of condoms is provided.

The scream club is every Saturdays at the Gibus.


The Crazyvore continues to be one of the most loved gay parties in Paris. In the popular Bataclan concert hall (metro Oberkampf), gays and lesbians meet to sound of this popular concept.

The concepts:

The Crazyvore is the biggest party with 100% international music. This is where the hottest parisien gays tend to be. Work on your muscles because you may need to show them off.

The Folivore is 100% French music. The best of Dalida, Mylene Farmer and Claude François among others.

Please note that the parties change each week so check your calendar to know which one is on.


The undisputed party for twinks and lovers of twinks is without a doubt the Happy Pulse. The popular party held once every two months by DJ Lucky originally from M6 tends to attract a large young following.

The concept is that you send a text message to a number displayed on the screen with the title of the song you would like the DJ to play so just be prepared for any and everything.


Black is beautiful. The Klub is the only black gay club in Paris. Located on the rue st denis (metro Chatelet) , it is the best of African and West Indian music and the hottest black men dancing to the sound of Soca and Zouk. The Klub is open on Saturdays.

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