My Gay Paris had coose for you : Europride in Marseille, we were there!


AbsoluLiving gave its promotional material a whole new look for Europride Marseille, where we handed out our new flyers at the closing party of this huge annual event. A diverse programme of cultural, campaigning and social events took place across the whole town, including in some of its most famous neighbourhoods like the Friche de la Belle de Mai or the Docks.



The EuroPride Park was dedicated to associations and NGOs, and took place at the Friche de la Belle de Mai from 11-19 July. Groups including French charity AIDES were there running a campaign aimed preventing HIV and other STIs. The group is Europe’s biggest Aids charity and its volunteers were hard at work, and over a hundred of them came to Marseille for what was one of the year’s biggest LGBT events.
The team covered the entire city, offering a listening ear, useful information and of course, prevention in iconic sights like the Prado beach, the terraces of the Vieux Ports and parties by the Docks. They were highly visible, adopting their usual policy that talking about sex also means talking about sexual health–and that it can be fun. Despite a quiet opening week, the volunteers remained enthusiastic and available throughout the whole event.


Anybody who was unsure about their own HIV status could talk to a specially-trained volunteer, who could perform a simple test using a drop of blood from their finger and provide the results within just a few minutes. Without abandoning a night of partying, Pride attendees could check their status and make sure to protect their partner(s). This is one of AIDES’ biggest objectives, whether in Marseille or anywhere else: making sure HIV- people stay negative, but also making sure that people who are HIV+ without realising it can get the right treatment.

Sea, sun and safe sex!


On Saturday 20 July, EuroPride 2013 held a free concert on Gaston Defferre beach after the European Pride March which had followed a six-kilometre route through the town. It was a great ending in a beautiful setting to ten days of great events marking the twentieth anniversary of EuroPride.

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