My Gay Paris: Halloween in Paris? Why not…

Halloween in Paris? You might not think directly of Halloween when thinking about France. Indeed, Halloween was virtually absent of France until the late 1990’s, when it began to be introduced by some firms for their ad campaigns. In the beginning of the century, Halloween fever was all around France, and even though it has now stabilized to become somewhat normal, it is now part of the celebrations for young people who like to disguise them up and to eat candy. And since November 1st is a holiday (All Saints), it is frequent for young people to celebrate Halloween the night before, or at least, their own vision of Halloween. And apparently, Halloween has celtic roots, and so does France, so celebrating Halloween in France would only be a tribute to a very, very old tradition. Many clubs organize a special Halloween party.

Halloween in Paris could also be a good excuse to visit churches and cemeteries. We already talked about the Père-Lachaise , but there are other noteworthy cemeteries such as the cemetery of Montmartre, where Dalida, François Truffaut and… Cadinot are buried, or the cemetry of Montparnasse which you could go to after a visit to the Montparnasse brasseries. If you feel spiritual, visit the famous Sainte-Chapelle with its astounding stained glass windows, or the wonderful church Saint-Etienne du Mont, in the Quartier Latin, just right next to the Panthéon at the top of the Sainte-Geneviève Hill.

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