My Gay Paris propose you : Olympics in Russia: France reacts international pressure continues unabated


In a note to the editors, the Sports Minister Valerie Fourneyron announced that it will this weekend in Russia for the World Athletics Championships that begin Saturday, August 10. “She will go to support the French athletes for two days,” said his entourage Yagg. Full controversy over homophobic laws enacted by Russia and undermine fundamental freedoms of LGBT people, can we expect a statement ahead of the minister? “She answered on the spot if questioned says it does. But do not forget that France supports the holding of the Gay Games in Paris in 2018, for example. For the position of France, you should contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “



But the organization could do just the opposite, fear the New York Times. Indeed, the charter of the IOC athletes banned any political stance. If un.e sports / ve goes to the site and took a position in favor of LGBT rights in a public way, the organization is entitled to exclude the Games. It is not certain that the IOC will go far, but it seems concerned with the issue, it has not explicitly condemned the positions of Russia.


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