My Gay Paris: Sex in the City, a useful exhibition

You thought you knew everything about safe sex? The exhibition ‘Sex and the city‘ is there to prove the contrary. In a big space at Bastille near Paris, the exhibition is organized by the non-profit organization Solidarité Sida. It is the same exhibition that was at the Festival Solidays which takes place every year and which is a huge event.

The idea of the exhibition is to inform people about safe sex, but in a gentle atmosphere, without being too cold or too serious. Even if you think you know a lot about this subject, you will learn even more, not only about AIDS, but also about other sexually transmissible diseases. The exhibition has different spaces, each dedicated to a specific topic. You will learn about gay sex, but also about straight sex if you feel like it. One of the rooms is about sex toys, both for males and females.

At the end of the exhibition, volunteers and doctors will be there to answer the questions you might have left. They are obviously trained to be open and not to judge you. There is a section about porn. In another area, you will be able to practice the use of a condom on replicas. Other good news, the exhibition is free of charge.
It is right on Place de la Bastille, just near the center of gay Paris. It will be there until december the 4th. On wenesdays, saturdays and sundays, it is possible to visit the exhbition from 1pm to 8pm, and on thursdays and firdays, from 3pm to 8pm. The entrance of exhibition is reserved to people older than 16yo. Paris is one of the cities the most touched by AIDS, so stay safe in any circumstance!

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