My Gay Paris: The birth of Paris Gay Métropole

Paris wants to have its share of gay tourism, which is a growing market over the world. And with so many gay attractions, and even a gay mayor, why not take advantage of this for the town’s economy and image?

Last month, Paris Gay Metropole was finally created. It stems from an initiative of people and structures involved in gay and lesbian tourism, and also organizations involved in the parisian gay cultural life. Its aim is to promote Paris as a major destination of LGBT tourism in the world.

The idea behind this initiative is that there is a paradox: even though Paris is already a major destination for gay people and a gay-friendly capital, those aspects are rarely put forward when promoting Paris as a touristic destination. Among other things, there is a real lack of information: indeed, there is no way to have a general directory adapted to the needs and requests of LGBT travelers.

The association Paris Gay Métropole was born to change that. It will try to promote, develop and unite the offer of touristic, economical, cultural, and artistic activities targeting the LGBT community. It will also try to improve the welcome of LGBT travelers by the professionals of tourism in Paris. To become a member of the association, you just need to be willing to share those goals!

So, with Paris Gay Métropole, Paris is at last ready to compete with Berlin, London, Barcelona and other destinations to have its say in worldwide gay tourism. Paris is already a major gay-friendly destination: now it will be clear and visible for everyone.

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