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My Gay Paris: Freedj and CUD, the gay places to dance at night

You are maybe one of those people who live at night. You hate to wake up early, like many people. But when you are at night, when it’s 4 or 5am, and that you go to sleep at 6 or 7am, either alone or with someone new, that’s when you feel you are alive. You feel that way because, once or twice a week, you feel you can escape the daily routine, that reality where people in the streets are angry, where some storeseller don’t even care to say “hello”, even though you are a costumer, and that you were maybe ready to spend hundreds of euros for buying something.

If you are one of those people, there are many bars and clubs which open late at night in Paris, even during the week. We shall start with the ones we know the best, the ones which are located in the Marais. Maybe later, we could speak of other bars in different areas, not necessarily gay, if we find that they are gay-friendly enough.

The Freedj

The Freedj is located on 35 rue Saint-Croix de la Bretonnerie, in the very heart of gay Paris. Nevertheless, they claim to be “better the Marais”, which can sound weird, since they are in the Marais. What we assume that they meant, is that they differentiate themselves from other mainstream bars such as the Raidd, close by. What they probably mean, is that, there, you will be able to have real fun, not to be overwhelmed by cruising, and a sexual tension which can sometimes be heavy.
The name Freedj, in case you haven’t noticed (it took us a while to realize), can be pronounced “free-D.J.” or “fridge”. But don’t worry, it’s much hotter there than in a fridge. The place consists of a large bar on the 1st floor, in the back area there is a table football. Believe or not, in French, it’s called “baby-foot”. Be aware of not being too ridiculous when playing.
Downstairs, there is a dancefloor. The DJs play current pop music and remixes, with a disco touch on Sundays. There is a friendly atmosphere.
The entrance is free of charge. They open everyday from 5pm to 4am. The dancefloor opens at 11pm.
More info on www.freedj.fr.

The CUD.

The CUD is basically the place where people crash, after they’ve been to all the other places and that they’re really drunk. It is located 12 rue des Haudriettes, just off rue des Archives, a block away from rue Rambuteau. The drinks are quite expensive, there is a dancefloor downstairs which is not that great, but maybe in your state, you will not even realize. If you are a smoker, there is a space to smoke next to the entrance. There is the best way to meet new people and talk, just ask for a cigarette or a lighter, and you will be able to start a conversation. If you don’t smoke, just pretend that you do. The CUD is open until 6am on weekdays, until 7am during the weekend.
More info on cud-paris.com.

My Gay Paris: The Eagle Has Landed Four Years On

It might only have celebrated its fourth birthday last week, but Paris gay bar the Eagle has certainly managed to ruffle a few feathers since it opened back in 2008.

The slightly provocative name might give you something of an idea of what to expect—especially if you’ve visited an Eagle in New York or London. To be clear, there’s no connection with this Eagle and the others (at least as far as we know) but the style is very much the same, ranging from cruisey to downright sleazy.

Now a firm favourite on the Marais party circuit, it has two very distinct areas with two very distinct atmospheres. Upstairs, on the main level, is a friendly bar area which doesn’t differ too much from some of the other gay venues in the neighbourhood, though there is a strict men-only policy and you’re a lot less likely to hear campy music. The other visitors, though, are what you’d expect from a bar which has plenty of space to play in the dark room downstairs …

Things are a little more exciting downstairs, though, where you can find darkrooms, a maze, cages and more. We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you what you’ll find down there, but we’re happy to report that they keep a very clean house!

We hear the fourth birthday party was a blast, and we wish the Eagle well in the future!

WHAT: The Eagle Bar
WHERE: 33 bis, rue des Lombards, métro Châtelet (or walk from the Marais)
WHEN: every night til late

My Gay Paris: Les souffleurs, a trendy bar

Haven’t you heard of Les souffleurs? We are here to introduce you to this amazing bar if you are not familiar with it. Indeed, this place has been very popular among the parisian young crowds in the past few years. It consists of two spaces, with the one downstairs being opened only from thursdays to sundays, whereas the main bar opens all week long.

As the owner Eduardo explained to us, the philosophy of Les Souffleurs is to be a real LGBT place of rally. As other bars target only the gay males, or our lesbians friends, Les souffleurs tries to mix people: gay, straight, bisexual, transgender. And it works: it is the only bar which truly combines all different kind of people.
The musical choices of Les souffleurs are also a huge part of what makes it so popular. There are no defined parties, the program changes every week: there are regular DJs as well as occasional venues from DJs who come from all over the world (London, Barcelona, NYC…). The music ranges from electro to pop/rock, with a lot of interesting – and sometimes exclusive – remixes who will make you instantly want to dance. You will be able to meet locals, expats and tourists, and it’s common to hear people speak English. There is a true feeling of being part of a warm community, tolerant and low-key.
So, in short, Les souffleurs is considered to be a real vanguard place to be, because of its alternative feel. They claim to be ‘the other side of the Marais’! The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, compared to other mainstream Marais gay bars.

Les souffleurs is open every day from 6pm to 2am (you can order drinks until 1.30am). It is located on 7 Rue de la Verrerie. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! Look for their Facebook page (Les Souffleurs) to get their updates. Their website, lessouffleursparis.com will be launched very soon.