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Latino stud of the day – Samuel Aguiar by Andres Ramirez


Samuel Aguiar is an attractive model with a sensual and powerful and imposing  born in São Paulo (Brazil), but living in Barcelona (Spain). Samuel is 29 and measures 1.80 cm.


Exudes masculinity, seduction of this statuesque model who works as a gogo, gogo dancers and performers promoter in events across Europe.

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Passionate about fashion, film, fitness, video games, swimming, dancing, driving on empty roads and cheescake.


Photographer: ANDRES RAMIREZ    www.andres-ramirez.com

Underwear & swimwear brands:  BOYS GET WET, C-IN2, JAMES TUDOR, NIT SWIM, TRIBE and ZYLAS

My Gay Paris: Olivier Giroud, french footballer and a new gay icon

With ACDG :
For the first time in its history, the magazine Tetu next week will show a professional footballer in activity on its cover! This god of football is another Olivier Giroud, the top scorer in Ligue 1 (21 goals in 37 games).
Extremely relaxed before the lens of photographer Olivier Giroud is also vis-à-vis gays, and explains in the interview he granted to the magazine, it would be “delighted” if his actions could “participate to change the looks and attitudes. “
Olivier Giroud adds an open mind through a gay-friendly posture assumed that warmed my heart: “Between a homo and hetero, I make no difference,” he says in Tetu
He was voted the sexiest player in Ligue 1 in 2011 by users of Tetu and hit the headlines with the famous kiss given to Mathieu Debuchy during the match between Germany and France in March.

My Gay Paris: Paris Bids For 2018 Gay Games

With summer just around the corner, the attention of the world’s sports fans is currently centred on London, where the 2012 Olympic Games are due to start a few months from now. Preparations are well under way, and it’s looking set to be a great success—or an incredibly boring couple of weeks weeks if you happen to live near the games and don’t like sport!  Indeed, plenty of Londoners are thinking of getting away from it all and coming to spend the duration of the Olympic games in Paris, and we’ll be more than happy to host some as many of the exiles as we can!

Gay Games

The Olympics might be the most well-known event in the mainstream sporting calendar, but over the years the Gay Games—and since 2001, rival event the Out Games (more on that later)—have grown in popularity amongst the gay community. As well as being a popular opportunity for gay and lesbian athletes to engage in sporting activities somewhere they feel safe and comfortable, they are also a welcome opportunity for socialising, with plenty of networking and partying after the sport is over.

Paris Bid

After months of rumours, Paris has just announced plans to bid to host the gay games in 2018. Better still, the city is hoping that the Out Games, which broke off from the original Gay Games acrimoniously back in 2001 and which will next be held in 2017, will have patched things up by then. The aim is to re-unite the two events and create a single gay-friendly worldwide sporting event on a fixed four year calendar, starting from scratch in Paris in 2018.

Paris may well have lost out on its Olympics bid back in 2007, but the city had put in a lot of preparation and the sporting infrastructure is very much in place. The city is used to hosting large scale events, and with everything from the French Open to European athletics making a regular visit, facilities including tennis courts, several full-sized swimming pools and plenty more besides.


That doesn’t, however, mean it won’t take a lot of work. The Gay Games are incredibly popular, attracting as many as 12 000 athletes, but they don’t enjoy anywhere near as much financial support as other sporting events. For many aspects, they rely on volunteers, and that’s why the local association, the Fédération sportive gay et lebsien, has already started work.

It might seem like a long way off for planning a trip to Paris, but it might just be worth pencilling a few weeks in summer 2018 into your diary!  If the French capital is successful, it will be only the second time that the event has been held in Europe after 2006’s event in Cologne, Germany; the 2014 Gay Games will be shared between Cleveland and Akron in the US Midwest.

MyGayParis: David Beckham in Paris, the lost dream

The last few weeks, the whole French press and the media were talking about one thing: the supposed arrival of the British soccer (football) player David Beckham in Paris, who was to play with the team Paris-Saint-Germain (PSG). From national newspapers, including, obviously, the ones specialized in sports, to fashion magazines, this was a main subject of conversation. Forget about the upcoming general elections! This was much more interesting.

David Beckham, as you might already know, is currently playing with the soccer team Los Angeles Galaxy. He won the American championship last year with that team. His famous wife, the ex-Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham, is very much involved in fashion and in the marketing of his husband’s image. She has a lot to say about his involvments and partnerships with brands.

The rumor was saying that Victoria was already in touch with Parisian real estate agencies to buy an apartment in the area of Saint-Germain-des-Près, located in the poshy area of the 6e arrondissement. Don’t forget that Vicoria Beckham was nicknamed “Posh Spice”.

Two main explanations are rising to explain why this didn’t happen. First, a professional reason for the football career of David Beckham. He thought that he wouldn’t play a lot because of his age. Since Qatari funds have invested in PSG, everything is possible from them to do, even buying Beckham. But the team sports management wasn’t that open to the idea. Secondly, a very simple reason: the Beckhams like their lifestyle in LA. Why would they want to come back to the old Europe? Why would they like to live in the Parisian cold winters? Their children like it there. And for David Beckham’s future, it might be a smart move to stay in LA, if he ever want to get involved in the film industry. In the fashion industry, even LA becomes to rise as a world fashion capital, competing in that respect with rivals such as New York City, Milano, London or Paris. That’s something Victoria Beckham might have had in mind while her couple was in the decision-making process.

Still, we think it’s such a missed opportunity for Paris. Imagine the Beckham’s walking around everyday in the Parisian streets! And David Beckham isn’t the worst guy to look at, right? Let’s just enjoy his underwear commercials, which were all around the city the last few weeks… That’s all for us what is left of this dream…

My Gay Paris: French rugby players calendar “Dieux du Stade”

A calendar has got to be one of the least original Christmas gifts ever. It’s a perfect stocking filler if you’re stuck for inspiration, and comes at the right time of year of course. But now that everybody has a smartphone, who really uses a wall calendar anyway? It’s certainly been a long time since we last used an old-fashioned calendar with charming watercolours or cute kittens as a serious way to plan our time …

The Gods

But one French calendar is a little different. We might not use it to record our dentist’s appointments and mother-in-law’s birthday, but we certainly like looking at the pictures! We’re talking about the world-famous Dieux du Stade calendar that featuring some of gay Paris’ favourite rugby players—naked!

Back in 2001, the management of French rugby club Stade Français. decided to ask their members to pose naked for a charity calendar, nicknamed ‘Dieux du Stade’, the ‘Gods of the Stadium’. Not only was it a runaway success with French housewives, raking in millions for charity, it also gained the boys a brand-new gay fanbase.

Month after month, the new fans enjoyed tasteful black-and-white photos of them posing oiled up and relaxing in the changing rooms or fresh out of the shower. The photos were a mix of group shots and close-ups on individual stars.

Sport, Art or Porn?

Given the amount of toned flesh on display, the players shouldn’t have beena too surprised at their new-found popularity amongst gay men. Some of the photos are deliberately sexual in nature, and many go far beyond traditional, artistic naked portraits to produce full-on explicit—almost pornographic—photos. Cultural critic Mark Simpson even invented a new term, ‘sporno’, to describe this new mix of ‘sports’ and ‘pornography’, and has identified it as a new trend in advertising.

Since then, the calendar has become an annual institution, with a new photographer taking charge every year. Not be outdone, the French national team also got involved, publishing a whole book of naked photos in 2004.

The 2012 edition is out now!