Food trucks are VERY slowly invading Paris for our pleasure.

There’s always something new to try at a food truck and a really cool and inspired way to enjoy a quick lunch.


But getting an authorisation to open a food truck has never been harder. Only 3 food trucks have obtained the right to park in different corners of Paris. Three against more than 250 trucks are on expanding waiting list. The city hall administration fears an unfair competition for already established restaurants. Food trucks offers gastronomy’s inspired meals to go, accessible to any Parisian – willing to cue for hours in order to taste some!

The very first food truck – and always referred to – was “Le Camion qui fume” (the smoking truck) and it started almost 2 years ago with a great success. Always parked at Place de la Madeleine, it was the beginning of what we call now Street Food. Kristin Frederick who imported the food trucks in France claims that the different trucks owners need to gather and unite in order to show their values and respect for artisanal work of art.  Hence their very recent “Food Truck Parade” that happened on March 21st (1st day of Spring), rolling from the Main François Mitterrand library (in front of the MK2 cinema where you can always find a food truck parked), to Bastille and Nation places… a way to raise awareness and support among Parisians.

Let’s hope that there will be more trucks opening in the coming years because they are dedicated to great quality and friendly service.

 We recently tried and loved…


They remind us that street food started in Asia and especially in Thailand. The food is prepared by Thai lady cooks on the truck. More info on their website:


 In recent news, H&M also lunched a fashion Truck going around the streets of Paris full of men clothes to try on and personalized advice in fashion… We liked the idea and it was quite successful.


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