Gay Paris : Men, Underwear and Their Personal Preferences

Men, unlike women, don’t have grandiose ideas about their underwear. Their simplistic rule is, “It must be comfortable.” Today’s man, however, also wants high quality, great fit and a recognizable brand reputation like marcuse underwear” or the popular Calvin Klein men’s underwear collection.

 Fabrics For Comfort, Fabrics For High Style

Top designers of men’s underwear like Marcuse and Calvin Klein are experts in the types of fabrics men prefer for their underwear. An expensive business suit is further enhanced when the man’s underwear fits perfectly and doesn’t bunch or bulk. For casual wear, men insist their underwear wears well for sports and spectator sports. This is why Marcuse men’s underwear is made from the highest quality fabrics for maximum comfort and wear.

 For The Man With Fun and Fantasy On His Mind

Most men will choose designer men’s underwear over all other brands. The reason is simple: designers know the proportionate cuts in underwear design men love best. Marcuse designer men’s underwear is available in brief or boxer and in the colors men choose most. This designer’s underwear for men is a true tribute to “freedom” in style, sizes and color.

 Give A Man A Gift Of Men’s Designer Underwear

For the man who is hard to please on a gift list, men’s underwear is always appreciated. Just be sure to assess his personal style preferences before you buy. Some men love their boxers, while others cannot possibly be swayed from their love of their briefs. The nice thing about men’s designer underwear is the certainty within each size. There’s no guesswork because men’s underwear are sized according to waist and leg measurements. In some instances, non-designer men’s underwear may fall into sizes in four or more generic categories like small, medium, large, extra large and XX-large sizes. Usually, waist sizes are indicated on the back label on the inside of the briefs. Give a man a gift of men’s designer underwear. No man ever has enough underwear.

 Men’s Designer Underwear 

Though men’s designer underwear cost slightly more, these high quality fabrics and designs wear longer, are easy to care for and actually, are more economical.

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