My Gay Paris advise you : Opening Doors Bike Boost


This Friday (2 August 2013), British gay couple Tom Blackie and Henri Myers will be setting off on a tandem bike ride from London to Paris. The sponsored ride will be raising funds for Opening Doors London, the groundbreaking project that helps older lesbians and gay men.


“We’re really passionate about the importance of the Opening Doors London project,” explains Blackie. “It supports over 800 older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender LGBT individuals across London and campaigns to change policy and raise awareness of older LGBT issues. Unfortunately, unless a significant amount of money is raised by March 2014 the project will have to be significantly scaled down. We’re just trying to do our bit!”


Although the two admit to having had limited tandem bike training, they are hopeful of completing the 284 miles journey in a 1-2 days – dressed for some of their journey in fashion inspired by iconic French band, Daft Punk! They are seeking to raise £2,000 in sponsorship, and to donate, go to ‘Tom and Henri: Daft Punks for Opening Doors on


Pictures from Tom Blackie Official Facebook Page.

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