My Gay Paris advise you : Summer Series by Le Nouvel Obs

Romain et Augustin is the latest comic strip from Thomas Cadène, who was behind the collaborative comic site Les Autres Gens (‘Other People’). His new book takes an imaginative look at the recent debate about gay marriage in France by focusing on the political and individual aspects of a relationship which is nevertheless a love story that can appeal to anybody.

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Romain et Augustin tells the story of a marriage, from the first proposal through to the wedding.

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Romain and Augustin have been living together in Paris for two years. When Augustin wants to marry Romain, he says ‘yes’ at first, but then begins to hesitate because he’s worried that by getting married, he will be taking a stand a political stand or upset his family. The comic strip tells the story of their marriage, with all the usual problems in the run-up to the big day, as well as their friends and family, whether they’re happy about it or not.

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The supporting casts features the sister who is a little bit too involved with the whole thing, the teenage step-brother who’s having a difficult time and the problems posed by the older members of the family, from the devout parents on one side through to the relatives who just want to dance the night away–as well as those whose own love life is a cause for concern for their children.

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