My Gay Paris advise you : Têtu – the Number 1 French Gay magazine – will no longer be famous for its sexy coverboys.

Like any Australian or British magazine, “Têtu” was judged mainly by its cover. The cutter the coverboys; the higher the sales. Well that was another area; now the time has come to say goodbye to these cute boys and their beautiful bodies. We let you have a very last look at the former covers…


It’s funny to see how real models don’t smile. The “real” people do it easily and bring so much positivity.

The new owner Jean-Jacques Augier decided to stop Photoshop-ped boys and get closer to the reality. “Our idea was first to exclude all the models, although we might miss them as cute as they were. We want to put real ordinary people who have something to say, whose life seems to be interesting for us, who create or realize something real and useful”.


Têtu already said that various people could be featured on the cover of the new version of the magazine. People from the sport domain, from the entertainment but also a married gay couple or even a gay father, happy to be a daddy… And here comes Rémy and his son, with a beautiful smile – illustrating a full feature named « Gays, fiers et papas » (=Gay, Proud and Dad).


To represent Gay people as your next door neighbour has become very necessary in the French society. The debate around legalisation of wedding for lesbian and gay couples that happened in France for the first half of the year showed us that. Many concerns were raised among the French population and it is obvious that a slight range of the population has homophobic thoughts they didn’t want to hide no more. The demonstrations against this law were the occasion for all these people to express their fears and misunderstanding about same sex couples.


To forget about the glamorous and sexy boys to focus on true subjects is for sure a good idea that will help Têtu to face magazines crises. It is not so much that there was a drop in sales (it was actually more of an increase), but the magazine has always been loosing money and even the investors who believed in it from the start and spend so much money to keep the magazine running, had to let go. Têtu aims to become a federative magazine dealing with society subjects and, like any other … with a lot of advertising… We wish them the best of luck.


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