My Gay Paris: All I Want for Christmas is a Cover-boy from Têtu!

Staying in touch with the gay scene in Paris is even easier if you can read a little French because you can check out some of the local media, including France’s biggest-selling gay magazine, Têtu. Belying its militant past, the name means ‘stubborn’ in French, but nowadays, the magazine is more concerned with lifestyle issues and is a great place to read up on gay clubs and events in Paris—and to check out some gorgeous boys.

If you’re too shy to ask, you can spot its provocative cover on newsstands across Paris once a month—the hunky guys on the cover are usually a give-away—but in the interests of inclusion for their non-Francophone readers, or should we say, viewers, the magazine also includes juicy shots of those cover boys on its website.



A short bio of each of the guys is included as well as their vital statistics, but we’re pretty sure that’s not what you’re interested in, so we suggest you just enjoy the visual treat: there’s normally at least a dozen photos per month of that issue’s star, more than actually make it into the magazine, and, if you’re lucky, a making-of video looking behind the scenes at the shoot.

New Zealand Controversy

It might seem like a bit of harmless fun, but a recent Têtu cover-boy recently caused offence as far away as New Zealand. Ahead of this summer’s Rugby World Cup, 23-year-old rugby player Alexis Palisson was photographed topless with fake Maori tattoos, a clear nod to the popularity and success of the All Blacks, New Zealand’s national rugby team. The sight of a gorgeous French sportsman sporting the national (un)dress for a gay magazine was more than some of them could handle and Palisson was forced to apologise.

With the cold weather setting in outside and Christmas still a few days away, we can think of nothing better to banish the cold than the sight of one of these hot guys!

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