My Gay Paris choose for you : And Pride march became wedding march by Libération

Gay Marriage: is YES! (Baudry)

Gay Marriage: is YES! (Baudry)

In a few weeks, these unions came in town halls and in the habits of large and small cities that have sheltered. Without scandal or ostentation. Taking family and friends to witness. Normal, in a nutshell. Finally, a paradoxical marriage scrub. Enough to reassure excited for all the so-called demo, imagined that unions between two men or two women would undermine the institution they say cherish. As heterosexual couples, gay couples live together for better or for worse, have children, to love, to lose, divorced, will meet. Normal.

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After nine months of fighting against hundreds of thousands of sometimes violent reactions opponents see homophobic, the enactment in late May of the law made by Christiane Taubira opened bans. According to our survey, about 400 marriages have been held so far and another 700 are planned.

Christiane Taubira

2% is the share of gay marriage in Spain. In 2006, a year after the passage of the law, about 4,500 unions were celebrated. Between 2005 and 2011n 22,442 gay couples were “yes.”

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