My Gay Paris: How to meet a gay guy in paris

Now that French men are said to be the most hung in Europe, visitors to the capital will be asking themselves the question “How do I meet a gay guy in Paris?”Parisien guys are hard to get but when you get them, you will want more and more.


Too young, too old, too fat, too thin, too slim, too muscular, hair too long, too bald, too many tattoes, too feminine, too thug. Finding a guy is a very complicated task and if you are in Paris for just a few days, you need to know where to find what you like and fast.


Not everyone is able to approach a guy easily and approach is primordial. Therefore the first issue to decide is whether you are good in the flesh face to face or  whether you are better off trying the cyber-world.

Tip number 3: I LIKE IT REAL

For those who prefer real contact, you mind want to try Paris’ saunas. Most saunas are equipped with jacuzzis , steam sauna, hammam and private rooms but be prepared to walk a marathon because parisiens play hard to get.

If you are keen on muscle guys, your best bet is the Gym Louvre Sauna.

The Sun city is opened all night for those with sleeping problems and the Key West is near to the gare du Nord for some fun just before taking your train.

 Tip number 4:  TELEPHONE IS QUICK

In just one year, Grindr has become the most popular chat application for gays in Paris. Blackberry, iphone android smartphones allow users to download the application. The application allows you to see the guys who are within a few metres of you. But be careful, you may get a lot of surprises.

Tip number 5: HAVE A PLAN B

Grindr is not available to internet users and users of non-android telephones. However, a website using the same priciple has been developed and works quite well in Paris. allows users to see those connected within close proximity much the same like Grindr. All you need is a telephone or computer with internet connection.

Tip number 5:  TRY A GAY CHAT

When in trouble, try everything. Some parisiens still prefer to connect to traditional gay chat websites. The most popular one in Paris is Other websites that may be worthwhile are, and Some discussions may last for a long time so patience is sometimes key.


If you have tried everything without success, then your last bet may be the Jardin des Tuileries. This park next to the world renowned Louvre museum is frequented by gays at nights especially when the weather is not so cold. With dark, underground tunnels and neatly trimmed flower paths, a moment of pleasure may arise. If you are looking for a charming prince however, you may be dissappointed.

Whetver you do, always remember to protect yourselves. Wear a condom. The life you are saving may be your own.

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