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If there is one thing that has been difficult to win in men’s fashion, it is the jewel. The fear of being ridiculous or stereotype is worse than phobia. The jewel undergoes session propaganda anti-use. Yet, increasingly, it is present and masculinizes. Come take a ride on the side of the most likely to satisfy you merchants.

The collar
The single channel of your baptism crucifix (note that it carried with a T-shirt cut and bent a suit vest gives a perfect outfit for a timeless urban style), there is a set of models at your disposal.


We forget the bracelets and other bracelets chunky knit only Barracuda could put.
The easiest way for a beginner is to head to the wooden bead bracelets. Easy to use, this model will give you complete satisfaction. Tank top, cotton shorts, leather sandals, all identified by a distressed leather backpack and your bracelet will be in good company bag.



The first rule is to never forget to always wear one. A ring is sufficient for all looks. One more and you fall into the too-much and spreading.
For your first steps into the world of jewelry, I advise you to choose just money. No frills, no prints … nothing, except metal (personally, this model never leaves my finger).



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