My Gay Paris propose you : “With Her”, a documentary filmed by Laurent Morlet about Marilyn Monroe’s fans.

With Her - Marylin Monroe

It’s been 51 years since Marilyn Monroe passed away on August 5th, 1962.  But the Myth is still alive among her fans all over the world and also in Los Angeles where she was born.  Yesterday, ‘With Her”, a documentary on Marilyn’s biggest fan-club, shot in 2011 that has become available on iTunes.

With Her - Marylin Monroe2

The director, Laurent Morlet is a French Television and Film producer who has been living in Los Angeles for the past decade.  With more than 26 years of experience in his field, Morlet has produced more than 1000 episodes of several famous TV shows for leading French TV networks. Laurent has always been a Hollywood fan himself and was already making movies when he was young.

With Her - Marylin Monroe3

The challenge was to make a movie that was different from what had been filmed already about Marilyn’s life (or death).  And the great idea was to focus on Marilyn’s fans because they are the ones who keep her alive in some ways. While shooting this documentary, Morlet got to meet the president of “Marilyn Remembered”, the biggest Marilyn fan-club and he was able to capture, in a very simple way, all the love and fascination people have for her.

With Her - Marylin Monroe4

This documentary was awarded with the Indie Fest Award in 2012 and you can watch the trailer here, on the director’s YouTube page.

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