My Gay Paris: where to work out in Paris?

Even if you are in Paris temporarily, for a few days, weeks, or months, it’s possible for you to join a sports’ club to work out. Here are a few which might be adapted for you, depending on the duration of your stay and your budget.

- Club Med Gym. They are all around Paris. They belong to the famous Club Med travel business. It’s possible for you to enter their clubs even for one day. They are popular with the gay community. All of them have working out facilities, some of them have swimming pools. They might be crowded in the evening, just after office hours, and in the weekends.

- L’Usine. There are two of them: l’Usine Opéra and l’Usine Beaubourg. A day-pass is worth 50 euros. They have a limited amount of members (1000 per club). The architecture is stunning. L’Usine has everything you need to work out, as well as teachers (collective classes and individual), both to work out and to relax (yoga).

- Le Klay. The Klay is located right in the 2e arrondissement, near the pedestrian street Rue Montorgueil. It is meant to be like an American sports club. Their building is huge. They have working out machines, a boxing area, a dance area, a sauna and a hammam, as well as a small swimming-pool. It’s not possible to have a day-pass. If you know a member, once a month, you can join the club to see what’s it’s like. It’s possible to become a member for one month, for three months or for one year. They also have a partnership with the restaurant DEPUR, which is right at the entrance. The Klay has, as every sports club, collective classes. Just check out their programme online.

- Gym Louvre Paris. The Gym Louvre has over 400 m² of top of the range equipment and a sauna covering the same area again in the basement. There’s a hammam, relaxation area and an adult cinema: everything you need to leave you trembling with pleasure after an encounter with some genuine Parisian gays. Some of the gym’s hottest members are part of the city’s gay clubbing set.

There are many good things about joining a sports club. First, it’s good for your body and your soul. It’s also a good socializing experience. People are supposedly here to work out. But in fact, they might be interested in something more. Friendship, or something else… Just go for health and cultural purposes, and if you don’t expect more, you might be surprised in the end. People have also payed a lot to join those clubs. They want something out of their money. They are also here to make new contacts. This might be interesting for business! Just enter those clubs without any prejudice in mind. If you do so, you might end up with something more!

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