’s Jake Gyllenhaal’s 10 Hottest Moments Ever


Louis Virtel recently published a list of what are the 10 hottest Jake Gyllenhaal’s moments.  We love these kinds of listings and totally agreed!

10. The Prince of Persia‘s royally jeweled abdominals


The corundum abdominals and anime locks aren’t exactly classic Jake, but they make for one hot (if otherwise awful) movie. Those pants? Yes.

 9. Sleepin’ standin’ up in Brokeback Mountain

Photo-3Brokeback Mountain featured so many hot moments, I picked three for my list. First up: Heath Ledger cradles the sleeping Jake in one of the most romantic interactions of the film. Notice Jake’s comfortable vulnerability as the rowdy Jack Twist. Yee-hah forever.

 8. The sexy kiss from Source Code


Picture yourself as the Michelle Monaghan character in this spontaneous kiss sequence. When the gorgeous man with the topaz complexion tells you, “I know this is going to sound really weird, but I have a really bad feeling about this train, and I think that we should get off, OK?” you just abide. You leave your belongings on the train to travesty, and you abide.

7. “Dapper” Jake


Jake fills out a suit better than most of the mensches on Mad Men, which is a pretty Herculean feat. For efficiency’s sake, we’ve rolled his red carpet formality to one moment. Maybe let’s get back to nudity?

 6. Any occasion of a devilish grin paired with half-nudity


5. Love and Other Drugs‘ crotch-crouching nakedness

Photo-16 Photo-15 Photo-8

Jake is nude so often in Love and Other Drugs, you can forget you’re watching an unutterably lame romcom. He’s funny! He’s naked! He’s stealing all the juicy camera time from Anne Hathaway! Love this very naked man.

 4. Terry Richardson’s dead serious, dead-sexy portrait


I try not to endorse Terry Richardson’s celeb-palling creepiness (or general creepiness), but let’s give credit where it’s due: This is one of the hottest single pictures I’ve ever seen. That naughty, deadpanning mug. The bristling body hair. The scandalous scroll-down effect. The heart-stopping underwear line. I think I refuse to breathe.

 3. The Santa-hatted nudity of Jarhead


Jarhead is a bracing, serious movie, but how can I overlook the abject hotness of Jake’s naked rage during the movie’s impromptu Christmas party? Sure, this scene precedes a dark moment, but God. Just look. Just.

 2. Brokeback Mountain‘s tent trysts


Though the sex scenes in Brokeback are rather abbreviated, we get to watch as Jack Twist nuzzles the ultra-tense Ennis in the movie’s amazingly rough, yet tender tent moments. Unforgettable.

 1. That. Reunion. In. Brokeback. Mountain.

Photo-12 Photo-13

I’m sort of thrilled to report that my choice for Jake’s hottest all-time moment isn’t even a nude one; it’s the moment of reunion when Jake and Ennis hug, exchange breathless niceties, and then make out in a brusque, cathartic confrontation. To further break it down, I just lovewhen Jack embraces Ennis and mutters, like the happiest man alive, “Son of a b*tch.” I could watch it again and again. In fact, I will.

Any others to add to this esteemed list, guys and girls?” Louis Virtel on March 21, 2012

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