My Gay Paris: Weekend, an amazing movie

A film by Andrew Haigh
With Tom Cullen, Chris New, Jonathan Race

Week-end is a movie about two guys who meet. The movie takes places in the London area, today.
Russel decides to go to a gay club. He eventually meets Glen and comes home with him.
During a weekend, they meet and share their life stories, because they feel lonely, and they are ready to open up to one another, without the filter of society, of the others.
In our opinion, Week-end is a movie which could be even qualified as the first gay movie, in the way that it depicts so accurately what being gay is about.

It is the story of what we experience as individuals and as a worldwide community, and beyond, it’s about how meeting someone, even for a week-end, can change our lives forever, because meeting another person can make you change the way you feel about the world, and about yourself.

This is a movie about our common quest: not only accepting ourselves as gay people, not only about make other people to accept it, but, even further, about accepting and rejecting love. Being gay is not simple, not only because we are a minority, and because the rights acquired over the past decades are never given. Everyone has a different opinion about our involvement in a relationship, in politics, in sex.

In a broader perspective, Week-end shows that being gay is not only a fight for ourselves or for us: it is about accepting oneself, as a person, as a human being, as an individual. The process of accepting ourselves can last forever, can last a whole life, and can be permanent, everyday. Meeting someone is opening up to a quest and a fight. It is about being ready to share someone’s life, and how this can, in return, change yours. This is all what Week-end is about.

To check out where it is playing, visit and search for “week-end”.

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