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When spring has come, we say “merci”!

Our favourite Parisian design store is celebrating Spring time with a brand new decoration… Like Sun in March; It won’t be there for too long!

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MERCI - 111 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris’s Jake Gyllenhaal’s 10 Hottest Moments Ever


Louis Virtel recently published a list of what are the 10 hottest Jake Gyllenhaal’s moments.  We love these kinds of listings and totally agreed!

10. The Prince of Persia‘s royally jeweled abdominals


The corundum abdominals and anime locks aren’t exactly classic Jake, but they make for one hot (if otherwise awful) movie. Those pants? Yes.

 9. Sleepin’ standin’ up in Brokeback Mountain

Photo-3Brokeback Mountain featured so many hot moments, I picked three for my list. First up: Heath Ledger cradles the sleeping Jake in one of the most romantic interactions of the film. Notice Jake’s comfortable vulnerability as the rowdy Jack Twist. Yee-hah forever.

 8. The sexy kiss from Source Code


Picture yourself as the Michelle Monaghan character in this spontaneous kiss sequence. When the gorgeous man with the topaz complexion tells you, “I know this is going to sound really weird, but I have a really bad feeling about this train, and I think that we should get off, OK?” you just abide. You leave your belongings on the train to travesty, and you abide.

7. “Dapper” Jake


Jake fills out a suit better than most of the mensches on Mad Men, which is a pretty Herculean feat. For efficiency’s sake, we’ve rolled his red carpet formality to one moment. Maybe let’s get back to nudity?

 6. Any occasion of a devilish grin paired with half-nudity


5. Love and Other Drugs‘ crotch-crouching nakedness

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Jake is nude so often in Love and Other Drugs, you can forget you’re watching an unutterably lame romcom. He’s funny! He’s naked! He’s stealing all the juicy camera time from Anne Hathaway! Love this very naked man.

 4. Terry Richardson’s dead serious, dead-sexy portrait


I try not to endorse Terry Richardson’s celeb-palling creepiness (or general creepiness), but let’s give credit where it’s due: This is one of the hottest single pictures I’ve ever seen. That naughty, deadpanning mug. The bristling body hair. The scandalous scroll-down effect. The heart-stopping underwear line. I think I refuse to breathe.

 3. The Santa-hatted nudity of Jarhead


Jarhead is a bracing, serious movie, but how can I overlook the abject hotness of Jake’s naked rage during the movie’s impromptu Christmas party? Sure, this scene precedes a dark moment, but God. Just look. Just.

 2. Brokeback Mountain‘s tent trysts


Though the sex scenes in Brokeback are rather abbreviated, we get to watch as Jack Twist nuzzles the ultra-tense Ennis in the movie’s amazingly rough, yet tender tent moments. Unforgettable.

 1. That. Reunion. In. Brokeback. Mountain.

Photo-12 Photo-13

I’m sort of thrilled to report that my choice for Jake’s hottest all-time moment isn’t even a nude one; it’s the moment of reunion when Jake and Ennis hug, exchange breathless niceties, and then make out in a brusque, cathartic confrontation. To further break it down, I just lovewhen Jack embraces Ennis and mutters, like the happiest man alive, “Son of a b*tch.” I could watch it again and again. In fact, I will.

Any others to add to this esteemed list, guys and girls?” Louis Virtel on March 21, 2012

Meet the new mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo.


With 13 years as a deputy mayor under outgoing gay mayor Bertrand Delanoë, Anne Hidalgo wants for Paris to stand out as a gay-friendly capital of the world. She wants to rely on existing gay associations who already make Paris LGBT life and support them with financial help. During the campaign, she referred to Tel Aviv as an example how being gay-friendly is a real value, synonymous of quality especially for businesses such as start-up and also in tourism.



“She is sweet, warm, charming and at the same time tenacious and very determined.” Former mayor Bertrand Delanoë about Anne Hidalgo.

“I am the first woman mayor of Paris. I am aware of the challenge.” Anne Hidalgo, who won Sunday’s election with 54% of the votes.




Kelly Conniff published a list of ‘5 Surprising Things About’ her for

1) She’s not from France. Hidalgo hails from the Spanish province of Cádiz, which is famous for being the only town that didn’tsurrender to the French during Napoleon’s attempted occupation in 1810. She moved with her family to Lyon as a toddler, eventually adopting the name of Anne at 14 after becoming a French citizen. Her humble — and more importantly, non native — origins were used by the opposition during a campaign that often focused on the differences in class between the two main candidates, according to the AFP.



2) She’s all about the environment. Hidalgo is closely connected to Vélib, the bike sharing program her predecessor launched in 2007. Her campaign promises included mentions of starting Scooterlib’, a free moped system and expanding Autolib’, a recently launched electric car sharing service. She’s also advocated for more pedestrian walkways and green spaces.

3) She’s really, really against Scientology. In 2005, Hidalgo served as the head of a committee that monitored what the government calls “cultlike groups” groups, including, in this case, the Church of Scientology. She even participated in a protest at the Paris’ offices of the organization.


4) Her wardrobe won’t be in the spotlight. In early March, Hidalgo talked to Vogue about Paris’ role in supporting the fashion industry and young designers. She spoke about her own relationship with style, including memories of her mother, who was a dressmaker. The stylish Parisian, who clearly understands how what a female politician wears affects their public perception, described her aesthetic to WWD: “I am an elected official, not a model. I like a subdued style, not bling-bling.” (She was perhaps hoping to contract with the former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy who was nicknamed by critics as president “bling bling” because of his showy lifestyle and ex-fashion model wife.)


5) She doesn’t have much company among mayors: Hidalgo joined the ranks of just a few women who serve as mayors of major cities, including Ana Botella of Madrid and Patricia de Lille of Cape Town, and Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz of Warsaw. (But as revolutionary as Hidalgo’s election is, it doesn’t put France is ahead of the game in terms of female politicians in general. In fact, the two leading French political parties often pay penalties rather than field an equal number of female candidates, according to The Guardian.)



Food trucks are VERY slowly invading Paris for our pleasure.

There’s always something new to try at a food truck and a really cool and inspired way to enjoy a quick lunch.


But getting an authorisation to open a food truck has never been harder. Only 3 food trucks have obtained the right to park in different corners of Paris. Three against more than 250 trucks are on expanding waiting list. The city hall administration fears an unfair competition for already established restaurants. Food trucks offers gastronomy’s inspired meals to go, accessible to any Parisian – willing to cue for hours in order to taste some!

The very first food truck – and always referred to – was “Le Camion qui fume” (the smoking truck) and it started almost 2 years ago with a great success. Always parked at Place de la Madeleine, it was the beginning of what we call now Street Food. Kristin Frederick who imported the food trucks in France claims that the different trucks owners need to gather and unite in order to show their values and respect for artisanal work of art.  Hence their very recent “Food Truck Parade” that happened on March 21st (1st day of Spring), rolling from the Main François Mitterrand library (in front of the MK2 cinema where you can always find a food truck parked), to Bastille and Nation places… a way to raise awareness and support among Parisians.

Let’s hope that there will be more trucks opening in the coming years because they are dedicated to great quality and friendly service.

 We recently tried and loved…


They remind us that street food started in Asia and especially in Thailand. The food is prepared by Thai lady cooks on the truck. More info on their website:


 In recent news, H&M also lunched a fashion Truck going around the streets of Paris full of men clothes to try on and personalized advice in fashion… We liked the idea and it was quite successful.